10 best cities to live in Nigeria

Top 10 best cities to live in Nigeria in 2020 #1 deserve it

Here are the list of top 10 best cities in Nigeria to live in 2020.

Nigeria, a country located in the western region of Africa is the most populated Nation in Africa with over 200,000,000 human population.

Nigeria over the years has experienced bad governance from almost all of her leaders. This has made Nigeria underdeveloped compared to many European Nations, which has led to so many Nigerians flying from the country to another nation in search of green pasture-which is most lacking in Nigeria Among common citizens.

Despite bad governance over the years, many of Nigeria’s cities strive to be compared to some best foreign cities.

In this article I will give you 10 best Nigeria cities to live in 2020. So keep reading and never miss a point.

10. KANO

Kano City

Kano City is the capital of the Kano state in the northwestern region of Nigeria and the second largest city in Nigeria.After Sokoto, Kano is the second major seat of Hausas/Fulanis. Being one of the ancients and the most populated city in northern Nigeria, Kano City is the Pride of all northerners.Some of the outstanding attributes of Kano city are its tourist attraction points which includes, Audu Bako Zoo, Gidan Makama museum monument, Tourist Camp, Baganda Lake/Tiga Lake resorts Man-made and Kofa Mata Dyeing pit among others.Kano is also a center for the best art craft works in Nigeria. With over 3 million hectares of land suitable for agricultural cultivation, Kano is considered the City with the highest practice of extensive irrigation. It is no doubt that most of the Kano populace are farmers.



Located on the lower Niger/Delta coast, warri is one of the biggest cities in Delta State. Although Warri is not the capital of the Delta state, it is more popular; and compared to Asaba which is the capital, Warri has a lot of history traces.Although people see anyone from Warri as a very stubborn person, there is a lot of fun in Warri. People from this town are called Wafatians, known for business and tourism.It is also believed that the common pigeon English speaks among Nigerians emanated from Warri.Aside from oil which was early discovered in this city, Warri is also one of the cities with Nigeria Sea Port.Some of the major tourist points here include Effurun Garden park, the palace of the Olu of Warri, Nama palace, Koko Red mangrove swamp, beaches and resorts.

8. JOS


Aside from its present crisis, Jos which is popularly called ‘J’ city is one of the cool and most beautiful cities in the north central region of Nigeria.For its cool weather and serene environment, many people ‘ not only Nigerians’ like having fun in Jos. It is no doubt that most of the white people from foreign countries like Jos for its cool weather.The people of the southern Jos aside being peaceful, they are also very accommodating. The standard of living in Jos is very affordable.Jos also has one of the best universities in Nigeria (Unijos) with many outstanding graduates.Some of the major attractions points in Jos include their two museums, a wildlife park and game reserve, breathtaking waterfalls and striking hills and rocks. It is no doubt that Jos is one of the best cities to live in Nigeria.



The Kaduna State capital is also one of the most developed cities in Nigeria since Kaduna is an important transportation hub for the country. It is also a major trade center.

Quick urbanization in Nigeria resulted in Kaduna’s population rapid growth over the past decades.

Being a major industrial city in the north of the country, Kaduna produces different types of products from expensive petroleum and steel to more affordable textiles and leather goods.

Being a developed city, Kaduna has 2 airports, many cultural centers, a big polo club with an impressive 1.6-kilometre racecourse, several malls, many restaurants, hotels and other exciting places to visit. Kaduna is indeed one of the best cities to live in Nigeria.


Benin City

‘Benin City’ which it is popularly called happens to be one of the most popular and beautiful cities in the country.

Hosting rich historical sites, various festivals, a number of art galleries, hotels, architecture and restaurants, it beckons with culture galore. From the Oba’s Palace to the famous King’s Square (known as Ring Road) ,the Benin Moats, and then Igun Street (famous for bronze casting and other metal works for centuries), Benin buzzes with energy all day long. Benin is one of the best cities to live in Nigeria.



The city of Calabar, the capital of Cross River State and the first capital of Nigeria is located in the south south region of Nigeria.With it’s very popular and outstanding annual festival (Calabar Festival) which is the biggest in the whole of West Africa, Calabar is also a home to some attractions, such as Obudu Cattle Ranch and Tinapa Resort.It is also believed that most of the best Cooks in Nigeria are from Calabar.Calabar is also home to most beautiful architectural designs in Nigeria. The city also has a Sea and international airport. Calabar is one of the best cities to live in Nigeria.



‘Ancient city’ as it’s also called, Ibadan is the capital city of Oyo state.

Located in the southwestern region of Nigeria, Ibadan is described as the biggest city in the whole of West Africa. Ibadan has the first advanced learning institution (University of Ibadan), also the first skyscrapper (Cocoa House) and the first teaching hospital in Africa.

Ibadan is made up of interwoven streets with local and international markets and malls.

The city is also well populated with many industrial and commercial activities and also well known for tourism too, with a remarkable museum in the African study institution, botanical and zoological garden in Agodi and the university of Ibadan (UI). Ibadan is one of the best cities to live in Nigeria.



Port-harcourt is a center of black jewel (oil) as described by tourists. Because of its greenery and aesthetic parks within the metropolis, Port-harcourt is also known as the Garden.It is the state capital of Rivers located in the south-south region of Nigeria. Port-harcourt also houses the headquarters of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NCDC).The Rivers Capital is densely populated and full of industrial activities. It is home to so many multinational companies, most of which are affiliated to oil and gas.Port-harcourt is home to many tourist sites such as Sea Ports, Isaac Boro Park, Monument of Jaja, Bony Island, Ifoko Beach, the oil refineries, the tourist beach etc.The standard of living here is high and this spans across food, shelter and clothing, but like other cities, someone can easily get a job because of its industrial activities. Port-harcourt is indeed one of the best cities to live in Nigeria.



Lagos is the economic capital and the most populous city in Nigeria. This mega City located in the Southwestern region of Nigeria which was once the Capital of Nigeria is separated by water bodies into two main parts (Island and Mainland).

Lagos is known for commerce, filled with industries from all economic sectors. The road network is next to none and it boasts of a good number of tall buildings and skyscrapers.

The nightlife in this city is as busy as the day, painted with a lot of malls, clubs, restaurants and bars. The popular Eko Hotel and Eko bridge which is the second longest bridge in Africa are located in this city.

Visitors will always have a first class experience in terms of buying and selling. Lagos has local and international markets of all kinds.

Lagos international airport is the busiest in the whole of West Africa. Due to its economic activities, it is very easy to find a job in Lagos compared to other cities in Nigeria; This is what results in the huge population of Lagos.

Although Lagos has a lot of traffic and people experiences with touts (Agbero), many people can’t still do without this city.



Nigeria’s Federal capital, Abuja is currently one of the most developed cities in the country.

Abuja is Nigeria’s seat of power and it is believed that in Abuja, life is good for one among other reasons the quietness of the City. It is also considered a highly business destination.

While in Abuja, you will experience a different kind of sightseeing that will make your visit memorable. Places like Silverbird Cinema, Jabi Lake and Millennium Park are really cool spots to unwind and have fun.

For folks who love to shop, some of the big shopping stores in Abuja will give you value for your money.

Some of the nation’s best structures like NNPC Tower, CBN Headquarters, Headquarters of all the ministries in Nigeria, Headquarters of all the military and paramilitary agencies, the Eagle’s Square among others are located here. It also has the National assembly, the supreme Court of the Nation and the presidential Villa. Life in Abuja is indeed very cool.

So what are your thoughts on this? I believe you agree with me on this list? Drop your comments or reactions about this list of top 10 best cities in Nigeria to live in 2020 at the comment section below.

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  1. I have only being to Benin, Abuja and Lagos, just wish I could also visit other northern part of Nigeria. Missed traveling though.

  2. I’ve traveled to all the southern and northern best cities, but yet to visit the south south except Benin

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