(4) FEAR

1. COMPETITION: There are categories of people in this life we are, those who love to compete with others, trying by all means to claim levels which they are not.

Who do you want to impress? don’t try to impress anyone, just do your best and be yourself because that individual that you think you are impressing has already been there and you can’t afford to prove that you have arrived while you are not; PROVERBS CHAPTER 12:9 said, he that is despised and hath a servant is better than he that honoureth himself and lacketh bread 🍞🥪🌭🍔

what i want you to understand is that; don’t try to make yourself equal with does whom has already make wealth around you because you didn’t know the source of their riches, but always be yourself and associate with good and understandable people that will bring good connection and impact into your life, that is why everyone is created differently .

2. BAD COMPANIES: Those who keep companies of bad friends, If you happen to fall a victim of those kind of people then you are on your way to lack progress in life, PROVERBS 14:7; go from the presence of a foolish man when thou perceivest not in him the lips of knowledge.

You will not move a step forward rather you will be moving backward or remain where you are as a result of a bad and foolish friends, so you better take note and make company with Wise and God fearing people that will add a value and impact into life.

Don’t keep friends who don’t have any concern about your well being but only comes around to get something from you or use you to get what they want.

3, WEAKNESS/ LAZINESS: A person who is born weak or lazy can never progress but always poor, PROVERBS 10:4; he becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand but the hand of the diligent maketh rich.

Those kind of weak and lazy people don’t like to do anything but they always want things to be done for them, they like other people to supply them with their needs by giving them some pocket money to go and spend with their friends.

And they will be satisfied because they are weak and dead in their spirit they don’t want to do anything by themselves so they remain in their comfort zone of waiting for other to solve their problems for them to remain poor.

4. FEAR: Fear is a very deadly and dangerous virus. How do you comprehend (FEAR)

The full meaning of fear is, false experience appearing real; is a dangerous killer, once you have fear inside of you about something you can never achieve that thing because of the fear in you.

The level of double and fearful mindedness of many people today has destroyed them and left them behind; the fear of going into their personal business and doing their own things has made them to become slaves working for others to be paid by the end of month as salary earners.

Because they believe that there is assurance that at the end of the month something will surely drop in their account, and at times is because of the little little money they usually get in their various places of work they are satisfied and remain in their comfort zone till eternity or they are sacked.

There is nothing like you been your own boss and controlling your own resources; if you have a job that does not live you beyond the standard of living then it does not worth you spending your entire life there because it could be a stepping stone for you to be on your own, but don’t waste your time and remain there for so long, do not let the spirit of fear terminate your spirit of believing that whatever happens you will surely make it in life.

This positive thinking will give you the strength to carry on with life and plan for a better future ahead of you.

5. QUIETNESS: Always try to ask questions at all times on issues you don’t know or understand, this will enable the flow of information available to you, and you know information is power when it comes to investment.

Lack of access to information is lack of access to wealth; always discuss your financial status if you are not happy about it with people you know are well with good conduct.

Some people are afraid to ask question on issues they don’t know or understand; you will forever remain a fool in that particular thing which you don’t know or understand because you didn’t ask people that know it. The secret of wealth is hidden and can only be exposed through information.

6. LONELINESS: Try to associate yourself with people you know they are well to do with, for they will affect your life positively.

You being alone can’t help you and will never help you to sort out some personal issues that have been bothering you in life that requires advice and also deny you access to information that could be of a help to you.

Always try to associate yourself with men of good conduct and personality and seek advice from them to help you to overcome your personal and financial issues, but if you esteem your own reputation then it is better you be alone than in bad company so that you avoid the risk of been drown to stagnant level.

7. MISMANAGEMENT: If you happen to be one of those that does not manage whatever comes into their hand then probably you have a problem in creating wealth;
Because it is by managing that you will plan with what you have at hand to achieve something big in future. If you cannot manage whatever penny that comes your way then forget it, we will remain stagnant in your whole life.

As someone aspiring to be successful, do not lavish any single penny that comes into your hand but make sure something is set aside no matter how small it is for your tomorrow well being, you must be able to manage the little and turn it into something bigger in other to avoid been stagnant.

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Mismanagement is one major thing that is affecting so many people today and they keep on complaining because they can’t manage whatever that comes into their hand.

If you do not seek for advice from financial advisers before engaging yourself in any business or investment you may probably lose your money and start all over again from square one; so try to calm down when you have the cash in your hand and seek for advice from financial experts to enable you have a good and secure investment otherwise you will be stagnant in your entire life.

Hope you enjoy this article about reasons for stagnant? please your feedback is needed at the comments section below. Thanks!


  1. Low self-esteem is equally part of it. One may have a good idea, but self doubt may not let the person even give it a trial. Mismanagement has also rendered so many individuals stagnant.

    Good one.

  2. No support system can also make one stagnate. No one buying into your idea, bad influence, but in all we will keep pushing.

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