The insurgency in the North is one of the biggest misfortunes that has befell this country since her existence as a nation.
The crisis which has taken more than a decade has given so many Nigerians sleepless nights.
What started just like a school has now become the worst nightmare faced by the northeastern region of the country.
With over ten thousands of people who have died in the cause of this crisis, and about more than a million persons displayed, the insurgents seem not satisfied.
Many houses were burnt down, farms were destroyed, schools and other social amenities destroyed.
Just this week, outside my house, I heard a voice crying in the air, the voice was crying to Nigerians, it was a cry from the IDP camp.

And the voice said:

cry from IDP camp
“Aah! aah!! aah!!! Oh God! What is this I am seeing? What is this am passing through? I have dreamt longer than too long that I should wake up! Why are there still tears in my eyes? When will all these end? Aah what a worst disaster that has befallen us!
We were leaving just fine like you my fellow Nigerians, then all of a sudden some people came with an initiative to abolish Western educational system of learning.
We thought it would not survive in this era of civilization, and even if it survives for the moment it won’t last long, the country will not accept the system.
It seems I am not a soothsayer or a prophet.
Just as I was overlooking the group, I heard of their attack somewhere in my state.
At first I thought it was a rumor, then I heard of their second attack, I still didn’t believe it until I heard a gunshot in my village.
IDP Camp
On that very unforgettable day, I was coming from the well where I went to fetch water, then I heard the sound of a gun shot.
Just as I drew near home I saw smoke of burning houses, my people were running helter-skelter.
Oh our house! Our house was burnt as well, I tried to hang around to see my parents and my siblings running towards me just as others were running, but I didn’t see my parents.
A cry from IDP camp
When I found myself in this IDP camp, I saw one man who was from my village, I asked him whether he saw my parents and my siblings running towards another direction, he told me he was sorry! I said about what? He said my parents and my siblings were shot dead by the insurgents.
Oh my parents! My beloved siblings! What am I still doing left alone in this world? So I will not see my parents again? So me and Aisha and my sister will not play together again? Musa my brother will not fight me again?
I cried and cried, the man tried to console me but I couldn’t hold back my tears, he told me that his entire family were also wiped out as well.
I cry for my family all day, a memory I will never forget.
Just when i thought the worst was over, i heard that some girls were kidnapped from chibok school.
Chibok Girls
Aah! What will be their faiths? I don’t know but i know they are not safe.
Fellow Nigerians! I know you might have passed through some tough times in your life, for my own i lost my home, my siblings and my parents on the same day, i have lived for the pass six years of my life outside my home without the feelings of my loved ones, i depends on the food shared by the federal and state government and some private organizations, and when all these are not available i slept empty stomach.
Even the little food they share, we queue to get it with flies on it.
You sleep in the comfort of your house while I sleep under a tent with mosquitoes all over my body.
Nigeria camp
The government promised to take me home soon; that was before i spent one year in the camp, but I have spent over six years in the camp hoping for the day the government will take me home just as they promised.
Boko Haram
When they started the violence we thought their target will be Christians, but to my surprise they kills Muslims as well, then what are they fighting for?
Aah! Our military! Our gallant officers and men, Nigerians will forever be indebted to you.
Even with not much support from the government as it should be, you put out your lives to save us.
I know if only you were in my village that day, Boko Haram wouldn’t had killed my parents and my siblings, our houses wouldn’t had been burnt down.
Rest in peace to all the gallant men that lost their lives in the cause of the fight against the insurgents, I condole with the families of officers and men who died in the battle field. Hail our gallants military!
My fellow Nigerians? I know you are facing some challenges in your life, but i am begging you for help, if only you can help us with some relieve materials we can at least live a comfortable live in the camp, I believe with your prayers i will get back home soon.
Support us, pray for us, pray for our officers and men in the battle field, we need your help, your support and your prayers.
My president, the government of the federal republic of Nigeria, all our hopes are on you. If only you can well support our military in the fight against insurgents, all hope will still be restored.
If only you can take good care of us in the camp, it will relieve us the pains of our dear ones.
Some people said our government has hands in all of these, but I don’t believe it, but sometimes you seem not convincing.
Please don’t let us finally lose hope in you. If only you can be more proactive, Boko Haram will be defeated in just a week.
Nigeria my dear country! Hear our cries and come to our aid”.
your thoughts please!

7 thoughts on “A CRY FROM IDP CAMP.

  1. Just imagining what these innocent women, men and children are going through. A situation they know nothing about. God help my generation.

  2. Cry from IDP camp! It’s a cry for help indeed. Innocent children who did nothing wrong coming into this Earth are suffering.

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