A death of our beloved brother Andrew elaigwu okoh

It is really a painful dead indeed for us to named someone like natural at this critical point it is a great lost and sorrows for me.

I Peter oloche ochiefa is by consoling the family of our beloved brother Mr/Mrs Andrew okopi unbehave of his friends and class mates

And we pray that may the almighty God and our Lord Jesus Christ console you and your family in this sorrowfuf moment in the name of Jesus amen

Hello to you a dear friend and class mate to our beloved friend and brother PROOF JEREMIAH OKOH i think it will be right for us to turn up on our wahtapp group meeting today at least to discuss one or two things about this a great lost

And to you the elder brother of our beloved friend in the person of OKOH PSALM i am here by saying take heart unbehave of all full  house members

And for you our beloved Brother/friend PROOF JEREMIAH to whom did you leave us for

The rain will descend the wind will blow and the flood will come an go but your place in our hearts will never be covered for it will be a memory till entanity comes.

Word of advice for all of us? Be serious with your God and creator and hold on to him in every thing for no one know the day or that Same hour he/she might depart from this world remember what Hebrews 9 :27 said it is appointed unto a man once to die and after death judgement

6 thoughts on “A death of our beloved brother Andrew elaigwu okoh

  1. Hmmm, indeed life is vanity, such a promising young man.
    Rest in peace.
    This is a good time for every individuals to turn to JESUS CHRIST.

  2. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace we love you but God loves you most till we meet again goodbye. Whatever we are fighting for today is vanity upon vanity nothing is important as our Lord Jesus Christ embrace him as your Lord and personal saviours every other things are Minors

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