What you should know about covid-19

What you should know about covid-19

It is no longer news that the novel COVID-19 is at a high rate in our country, and the figure keeps increasing as days break.

The pandemic which emanated from wuhan in China has now become the worst nightmare in the history of mankind.

Coronavirus which has affected over 2million people across the globe with a death toll  of over 100,000 with no sign of stopping soon has made the world forget all the disaster this world has ever faced.

Many people believe this pandemic will be the worst disaster this world will ever experience, many countries of the world are on total lock down, an action which many countries will not recover from in a year, but the lock down seems to be the best option the world has.

Analysts have forecast the economic crisis the world will face especially Africa. It is believed that many people in Africa will lose their job after this crisis, even as there will be food scarcity.

It seems that the world, especially Africa, will face a crisis that will be more than COVID-19 after the coronavirus has gone.

Africa will face hunger that will lead to insecurity; imagine if hunger crisis adds to the already insecurity we have in Africa, then something worse than COVID-19 awaits Africa, ‘God forbid’.

Hunger seems not to be the only element that might lead to worst insecurity in Africa, but also joblessness.

Africa is currently facing an unemployment crisis, imagine the rate of loss of jobs in Africa that was predicted turned to reality, then a worst doom awaits Africa, ‘God forbid’.

What happened to those prophecies of many of our pastors that 2020 will be a year of blessings?  What happens to all the goals we set for ourselves to achieve before March or April this year? What happened to our Easter schedule, the Easter trip to Jerusalem we schedule? The sallah trip to Mecca? It seems all our plans are going down the dream.

We are all forced to stay at home-a decision we didn’t plan for, we don’t even know how badly our staying at home will affect our financial stability?

What will become of many husbands and wife after this crisis? ‘the rate of divorce’, how many families that depend on daily income to survive coping with this lock down? ‘this is the part that makes me shade tears’.

The rate of prostitution, even some parents are force to force their girl child to sell their body in other to survive; ‘what about people that sell their child in other to survive?’ Can you see the crisis this pandemic is causing?

Nigeria, the acclaimed giant of Africa is not left out in this crisis, with over 700 cases and over 25 deaths, the figure keeps increasing, our stay at home order is just like a child play.

At first we believe COVID-19 is not for people with black skin, some said it cannot withstand the hot weather we have in Nigeria, but before we knew it, it’s already in Nigeria, then we came up with a mindset that is not for poor people, but it seems we are disappointed, we realized even wretched people are not exceptional.

Even with the recorded deaths and numerous cases, many Nigerians still don’t believe COVID-19 exists in Nigeria.

Simple necessary precautions we are asked to take are not obeyed; What is washing of hands? I don’t think it is difficult, if not for COVID-19 we should do it for the cleanliness of our hands.

We say we cannot stay at home because of hunger, and it is true, but i think it’s a sacrifice we must make if we must curb or survive this.


Nigeria is a country endowed with many mineral and natural resources which would have made us the Best country on the surface of the Earth, but bad governance over the years deprived us of development.

This situation has forced so many to leave the country to another nation for a greener pasture.

Many Nigerians will prefer to die in the sahara desert than to stay in the country.

Our leaders will embezzle our money and take it to another nation to develop there; They abandon our healthcare sector because they have another nation to go for treatment, a nation they helped develop with our money.

Coronavirus doesn’t start in Nigeria, but was brought to this country by our corrupted leaders that fly abroad every now and then, and some Nigerians who go to other nations in search for a better life.

If we had good leaders all through since independent and Nigeria is one of best if not the best country on Earth, our Nationals will not leave the shore our country, our leaders will not fly abroad, then there will be no one to import the virus into our country, Nigeria would had be among countries that are yet not affected.

The government asked us to stay at home just like other nations of the world, but how can we obey totally when we depend on our daily earnings?

You ask us to stay at home but how can we when there’s no light?

You ask us to wash and sanitize our hands, but how can we do these when we don’t have water or money to buy sanitizer?

You ask us to observe social distance but how can we do it in a family of ten that live in one room apartment?

You promised to share us food and money, you politicize it. If you ask me I will say our government doesn’t have a conscience.

Now both the Rich and the poor receive treatment in the same hospital; What happens to those days when politicians fly out for medical treatment just because of a slit headache?

Now we’re forced to look into our healthcare sector. If these had happened before now and we have standard healthcare facilities, maybe the story would have been different.

I cry anytime i think of all that this country went through and all we are passing through in the hands of bad leaders. I hope for those days the glory of Nigeria will manifest, when all the Nations of the world will look unto Nigeria.

Nigerians; my dear people of this great nation of ours, I believe in all of us, and I believe all of us are blessed with great potential, every act of disagreement we expressed in this period are all justified, but there’s something I think we should do.

Social distance will not cost us anything, even though we don’t have water, washing our hands in this time of crisis should be considered a good sacrifice we must make.

We do not have money to eat, i Know, but we should try and spare some Naira to buy sanitizer.

Let us endure the stay at home order no matter what. All these are temporal.

If we can survive bad governance all these years then coronavirus is nothing.

Please let us work collectively and bring an end to this pandemic.

This should be a lesson for Africa; Africa should stop being a cemetery where politicians will invest in other nations, get treatment in other nations but get buried in Africa.

Africa should wake up.

Your thoughts please!

8 thoughts on “What you should know about covid-19

  1. No good health facilities, because, they can afford it somewhere else. Judgement time is here. We will all suffer it. God will surely judge anyone who has used our national treasure for personal interest. Amen.

  2. we must overcome the covid 19 wether devil likes it or not but what surprised me about this virus ,it kills both rich and poor .

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