Dino Melaye celebrates Magu's removal from office as EFCC boss

Dino Melaye celebrates Magu’s removal from office as EFCC boss

Senator Dino Melaye took to his Twitter handle page to celebrates the removal from office of Ibrahim Magu as EFCC boss .

Ibrahim Magu was removed from office early this week by president Mohammadu Buhari after a corruption allegation was labeled against him.

A presidential panel headed by Justice Ayo Salami had earlier been set up by Buhari to probe the various allegations leveled against the EFCC boss.

Dino in a short video he posted on his Twitter handle page yesterday said he once complaint of Magu but Buhari never listened, now he has seen it with his own eyes.

Dino also said, there are still many Magus in Buhari’s government.

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6 thoughts on “Dino Melaye celebrates Magu’s removal from office as EFCC boss

  1. Life is a misery indeed. Rejoicing over once failure is totally bad. Tomorrow it might be yours.

  2. That is very bad of him, The table might turn around tomorrow. Though i do not support evil or corruption, let law take its course.

  3. Hahaha, na Dem Dem, He will definitely celebrate because Dino was once on Magu’s net and it wasn’t funny.

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