Embrace positivity

Why You Must Embrace positivity

Introduction to positivity

Fear of failure and fear of success can both stop you from activating high-level of success. Success means changes, setting new goals, and a defined line between before and after.

This fear is what prevents your mind from being in the right mindset for success. Sometimes we’re even guilty of sabotaging ourselves (through procrastination or other means) so that we can prove our fear right by not being successful.

A fear mindset is one were everything is seen as too risky or too dangerous which means you’ll never move forward.

Conquering the fear mindset is the hardest thing for many people who are not naturally optimistic or courageous.

Embrace Positivity

You may have heard the power of positivity before; when we hear good things it makes us smile and it’s part of our evolution that we are programmed to repeat good things and keep doing them.

If you burn your hand on the stove, because it hots you-learn that touching a hot stove hurts and so you don’t do it again.

When you speak to or about yourself in a negative manner you should feel the same way, yet most of us are guilty of talking to ourselves in a way we should be ashamed of.

A positive self-realized is a powerful too for having a successful mindset. when you use positive reinforcement, your brain helps to give you a “can do” attitude.

When you are negative you’re actively reinforcing negative ideas and thoughts; in a way, being negative actually helps convince your brain you’re going to fail by giving it the “proof” it needs through self sabotage.

Optimism has been shown in research studies to actually help you live longer;  if you’re optimistic it’s likely you’re happy.

Happy people tend to be clearer about their goals and look for the good in every situation, even when things goes wrong.

How To Make Mind Positive.

Being positive is actually something you can fake; The more you choose to be positive, even if it  feels fake, the more often your mind will start to naturally choose positively.

By resolving to be a happier and more positive person who looks for the good you will always be able to see a different side.

This can really help your journey to success when it comes to those obstacles; By reducing the amount of negativity you’re likely to see a lot of personal growth and more positive changes in your life.

You will be fine you’re meeting new people and making friends, or that new opportunities come around More often because people are more inclined towards you.

No one likes a negative person, so when given the choice of who they want to work with, your Positivity will give you an edge.

There are many ways to practice being positive; spending time with positive people has been shown to influence your own thinking positively, while practicing relaxation techniques like soda also help to ease your mindset and make room for positive thinking.

Some people can practice by solving problems for other people; By helping others, is often putting our own problems into perspective and you may realized how lucky you are.

Backed By Science; Positive thinking has been extensively research to the point that it has become widely accepted in the scientific community.

This proves that many things are just mind over matter; Negative thinkers often have more health problems and depression.

The first study into positive thinking used students with depression and had them try and use positive thinking instead.  Why it may have look ridiculous and was misguided, this was part of what started science looking into possibility.

Another study worked on how negative thoughts change the brain; yes negative thoughts can actually change how your brain works, negative thoughts actually harmed their diligent/ability to do simple tasks.

This is especially merits if you want to have a successful mindset because you need to be able to use those brain cells!

10 Benefits of Positive Thinking:

1.Enjoy life More.

2.improve heart health.

3.lower stress.

4.improve immunity.

5.longer lifespan.

6.prevents high blood pressure.

7.improve pain tolerance.

8.deal better with problems.

9.boost self-esteem.

10.form better relationships.


If you dream of being successful, them you need the right mindset. Success in not just a straight path way, there may be  obstacles, failures and more along the path.

The key to success mindset however is to see things as opportunities and to keep going, you’re only a failure if you don’t; which means you have to continue something even if its not the path you planned on.

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4 thoughts on “Why You Must Embrace positivity

  1. “Happy people tend to be clearer about their goals and look for the good in every situation, even when things goes wrong.” This is true, there is nothing to compare with right mindset. Having people around to help achieve this is always the problem, to someone individuals though. Feel inspired and motivated reading this piece. Thank you!

  2. I can still remember the out pouring credible ideas whenever I’m thinking right or in a good mood. But most atimes some situations weigh us down.

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