Four friends

Four friends (Story)

In this article you are going to see the inferential and behaviors of four friends that grew up together in the village.

There was a time in the village call Ankpali, lived four friends Named Emmanuel, Peter, David and Inalegwu. They had grown up together to become good friends.

Emmanuel ,Peter, David were very knowledgeable, but Inalegwu spent most of his time eating and sleeping, he was considered as Nincompoop, which means a foolish boy by everyone of them.

There came a time when famine stroke the village, all the crops failed, farm and Rivers started to drying up, the people of the village started moving to other villages near by to save their lives.

we also need to move to another village soon or else we Will also die like many others said Emmanuel; They all agreed with him, but what about Inalegwu? Emmanuel asked, do we need Inalegwu to go with us?

Inalegwu have no skills of anything, we can not take him with us Emmanuel insisted, but David replied, even if he will a burden to us, it is not right to leave him behind; He grew up with us as one of us, we will share whatever little that we can earn or produce equally among the four of us says Peter.

They all agreed to take Inalegwu along with them; They tooked all the necessary things and set out for a nearby village.

On their way to the land of survival, they had to cross a very big, tick and dangerous forest as the only alternative route, this forest was considered by many as death zone.

As there were going through the forest, they came across the bones of an animal, they became afraid and stopped to take a step closer to the bone, after a while Peter now said, ‘those are the bones of a tiger’, they all agreed with him.

To Emmanuel, it was a great opportunity to test their skills, so he suggested.

The four of them except Inalegwu were regards as magicians in their visit because of the magical powers to perform the unimaginable.

I can put the bones together to form it’s complete skeleton says David. After some incantation by David, the scattered bones of the tiger formed into a complete skeleton.

Emmanuel also decided to test his skills, and he brought muscles and tissues to the skeleton; Now a lifeless tiger lay before them.

Peter said i can breath life into the body of lifeless tiger; Inalegwu jumped up to stop him. No don’t! if you breath life into that tiger, it will kill all of us, Inalegwu cried, but Peter said; oh you coward! you can’t stop me from testing my skills and knowledge, Who do you think you are, he shouted an acrimony.

Inalegwu you are here with us only because of love and intimate friends we are that makes me to let the others let you come along; So for that reason I beg of you please let me be.

Inalegwun whose opinion meant nothing to the three said, ‘now I plead with you, May you please let me climb the tree first before you can breath life into the body of the tiger’?

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He ran towards the nearest tree; and just as Inalegwu pulled himself on the tallest branch of the tree, Peter brought life into the body of the tiger, and the tiger get up with a deafening roar, the tiger attacked and killed the three.

Conclusion and the lesson; No matter how educated you are you can not know everything, sometime your sagacity will lead you to death.

If you have a friend close to you, listen to his opinion.

Ignorant of Inalegwu could have saved them but they couldn’t listen to him because they believed he was good for nothing.

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6 thoughts on “Four friends (Story)

  1. I read a similar story, tale of 2 feathers. Though it was the opposite. A friend was saved from stress because he listened to an advise.

  2. It’s not appropriate to look down on someone. Trust me, no one is totally useless. We’re all unique.

  3. Don’t underestimate anyone because of his or her opinion sometimes ignorance opinion factual of what is going to happen so don’t underrate anybody because of his advice

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