House of Representatives to investigate resignation of over 365 soldiers

House of Representatives to investigate resignation of over 365 soldiers

The Nigeria House of Representatives has said it will investigate the voluntary resignation of more than three hundred and sixty five(365) soldiers of the Nigerian Army.

A lance corporal, Martin Idakpen, on the 22nd of June, in a video that went viral, condemned what he called the lackadaisical attitude of the Chief of Army Staff towards the many terrorist attacks that have claimed the lives
of soldiers.

Martin Idakpen also spoke of untold hardships soldiers undergo on the front lines arising from poor welfare conditions.

On other occasions, some Nigerian soldiers have disobeyed orders from their superior officers in protest of poor welfare arrangements and alleged  embezzlement of allowances due to them by their superiors.

There have also been cases of mutiny resulting in sporadic shooting and attempts at lynching senior officers.

This has made close to four hundred soldiers tendered their resignations to the Nigerian Army which worries lawmakers.

The House of Representatives members say there is a need to investigate and halt what may become a wave of resignations.

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Moving the motion at the House on Tuesday, Mr Monguno said that the Nigerian Army which was founded in 1960 is the largest component of the Nigerian armed forces.

He said that the Nigerian Army has a staff strength of about 200,000 soldiers saddled with the responsibility of taking charge of land warfare operations as well as protect and defend the territorial integrity of the nation.

The House of Representatives have also called on security agencies to establish a temporary mobile force unit in Waja and Lugunda areas of Adamawa state where recent communal clashes have claimed many lives.

6 thoughts on “House of Representatives to investigate resignation of over 365 soldiers

  1. If there is any sector/agency to treat well in this country, it’s should be security. Our soldiers goes through hell in defending us, yet they complain of total negligence. This should be looked into.

  2. Their resignation should be properly investigated. It’s really a serious issue. Almost everyone is misusing their leadership. Quiet unfortunate.

    1. National assembly have to investigate about it very well because they must be aim and objective of there resignation

  3. NASS should probe their resignation. We need them back because security is a serious issue in this country.

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