How to be Romantic

How to be Romantic

How to be Romantic

It is one thing to fall in love, it is another thing to remain in love. To be in a relationship that seems like magic, some certain spices are required to spice it up.

It is no doubt that some people’s marriage or relationship are dreams of others while other’s are warnings to others.

Every human being want to fall in love with the best partner on Earth; someone that will make them feel like they are on Top of the world, someone who will look at them every morning as if it is their first day together, but most of these things are mere imaginations all because some criteria that are supposed to make those dreams a reality are lacking.

So many people believe that perfect relationships are only seen in the movies, but the truth is that there are relationships or marriages in real life that are as perfect as that of Nollywood.

It is unfortunate that the rate of broken homes and engagement are worrisome,  and the worst part of it is that people seem to find fun in it.

What is it that life has turned to? I strongly believe that this was not God’s intention when he instituted this union in the garden of Eden, could this be the devil at work? If you ask me I will say it is not the devil but our inability to be committed to what will work for us.


When partners said they want to be like Romeo and Juliet they forget that the story wouldn’t have been told if there were no sacrifices. Not everyone that sings love has the gut to make sacrifices for love.

It is not funny to pretend outside as if your relationship is heaven while at home it is more than civil war, you actually deserve to be truly happy in that marriage or relationship.

Every other person that makes their own union work is not a super being, they did not bring it from heaven they learned it here on Earth.

The reasons for crisis in so many homes or relationships are as a results of the following:

1. Lack of understanding: for two people to be in a perfect relationship, each of them must wear the second leg of his/her partner shoe on his/her own second leg, which means you must be yourself and your partner at the same time.

The reason why two couples or partners lack understanding is because they fail to understand that the two of them are imperfect people, and it mostly becomes a problem when one of them becomes so perfect enough to himself or herself that he/she tries to force perfection out of the other person.

For two imperfect people to be together (the two of you are both imperfects, you must understand that) you must understand that the two of you were brought up in different background and your sense of holiness that will make you to force your partner to be that which you want will lead your home or relation to become a war zone.

As a man; you must understand the strength of your woman, the length she can go and her limit, you must understand what she likes and what she dislikes, if you so wish her to be someone you want you must pet her to be that thing or that person and not to lord yourself over her.

As a woman; you must understand the strength and the capability of your man, you must be satisfy with who he can be, never in your life try to force him to be another man thereby started comparing him to another man, ‘men don’t take that likely’, if there’s someone you want him to be pet him to be that person and not by nagging and always quarrel.

Two imperfect people can actually be together if they understand each other, just like the saying goes ” it takes two people who agreed together to walk together.

2. Lack of trust: one of the things that breaks up homes or relationships is lack of trust; when a man or woman become so insecure that they don’t trust themselves, the only thing that can come out of such union is daily quarrel and fight.

When a man feels his wife is cheating on him there’s nothing that the woman will say or do that the man will trust her, even if the woman is telling the truth but because the man has been suspecting her, not a single of her action that will ever please the man.

A man who is suspecting his wife to be cheating on him or doesn’t trust his wife in some other ways, such man will come up with the attitude of not greeting or answering his wife’s greetings, he will avoid sleeping with her, he will stop eating her food, and it will be difficult for him to even to talk to his wife.

When a man develops the above mentioned attitudes, a woman under the same roof with him in her woman nature will lose it, and when a woman loses it in a home that home will always be in trouble.

So as a man; learn to trust your wife, never because of what people are saying about her change your attitude toward her, the fact is that no one ‘not even your parents‘ have a say in your marriage.

As much as you will not be a fool, you must give your wife your trust and you will be surprised to see you falling more and more in love with her.

As a woman; you must learn to trust your husband, because you always see your husband with other women or because he always calls other women does not mean he is cheating on you, never let the report of other people change your behavior towards your man.

If you suspect anything about your man, never be quick to jump into conclusion, sometimes what we perceive about people are just stocked in our head-they are never the truth.

When you a woman frustrate your man by not trusting him, you only give him the avenue to be that which you think he is. When he feels not welcome in his own house he will be forced to look for another comfort with another woman behind your back ‘after all that’s what you always say i’m-he will say’.

So as a woman; you must realize that all those people always telling you negative things about your husband never wanted you to be happy in your marriage, and you must not allow them to laugh at your breakup.

3. Inability to use the magic words: Lack of the uses of the magic words is the worst element that can destroy a home or relationship, “Am sorry, Please, Thank you, I love you”, these are the magic words that are most lacking in so many homes.

Any man or woman that sees the uses of the magic words as signs of being weak or that you will be thought a fool is a home destroyer.

Am sorry‘ should be seen as a romantic word, ‘please‘ should mean i cherish you, ‘thank you‘ should mean you are the best, ‘i love you‘ should mean i can’t do without you, but when all this things are lacking in a home or relationships there will always be finding of faults and lacks of communication, and when there’s lack of communication in a home or relationship there will be frictions.


As a man: to be romantic you must believe that nothing better can happen to you than your wife, you must believe there’s no woman out there that is as beautiful, caring and understanding as your wife, you must believe that if you should lose your woman there’s no any woman that can beat her legacy, you must believe you are the luckiest man on earth for having such woman as your wife or woman.

Make it your habit of saying sweet words to your woman, like ‘am nothing without you’, ‘life cannot give me enough without you’, ‘you are my one and only’ and so on, when a woman became addicted to your sweets words you will see her become that better person which you don’t imagine she can be.

Look at you woman every moment as if it is your first moment of seeing her, smile at her each time you look up to see her, kiss her at those romantic places like, forehead, her nose, mouth, her neck while professing your love to her, be romantic enough to profess your love to her in the presence of her friend, ‘nothing gives her joy than that’.

Don’t ever shout at your woman in public, ‘don’t ever in your life raise your hand to beat you wife‘, it is only animals that do that, love your wife each day as if it is your last day of been with her, make her the first thing in you life and you will see yourself falling more and more in love with her, you will see than you can be romantic more than you thought. It is better if you are called a woman rapper than to be a beast in your own house.

As a woman: to be romantic you must make your man your king, always believe that no man can be better than your husband, don’t ever compare your husband to another man ‘men hate that with passion’.

Let your husband eat good meal at appropriate times, give him ears when he speaks to you in public, always try your best to be romantic on bed, make him feel no one could make you feel better a woman than your man, don’t just lie like a log of wood when making love with your husband on bed.

Always give him warm welcome when he comes back from work, never discuss your marital or relationship issues with your fellow women-they will never give you a better advice, always believe that nothing better could ever happen to you than your husband, give him reasons that you can be romantic more than any other woman out there.

So what do you learn here? You learn that the perfection or betterment of your relationship or marriage lies in your hands, you learn that other people’s opinions should never count in your union, you learn that you can make your partner that which you want him/her to be, you learn that you too can be romantic.

What then is expected of you? Put all these into practice and see your union be heaven on earth. You are also expected to give us your reactions on this article about how to be romantic at the comments   section below. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “How to be Romantic

  1. Being romantic shouldn’t be one sided, it requires the two people involve make it happen, there would be a problem if the other person did not reciprocate.

  2. Please, any thing involved 2 parties should be maintained by them. I make him my king fine, he make me his Queen. Shikina

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