How to create Facebook page

How to create Facebook page (Video)

Are you finding it difficult to create a Facebook page for your business or community page? ‘Don’t worry’ I got you covered.

In this article I will tell you the importance of having a Facebook page, how to create it and how to make it grow, so continue reading and don’t skip a point.

Why you should create a Facebook page:

First; it is very important to have a Facebook page especially when you have an E-commerce website or other business  website, it helps you promote your business to reach a wider range of people, as you know it is easier to reach more audiences on Facebook than your website.

When you connect your Facebook page with your E-commerce page ‘for example’, your exact site will appear on Facebook in the form of a page, it will even look more arranged than your website, and you stand the advantage of reaching more people.

If you connect your business website with a Facebook page, once anyone clicks on your product on Facebook it will take the person to your website, in that case you stand to gain more audience to your site from Facebook thereby promoting your business to reach a wider range of people.

Second reason why you should have a Facebook page is that; if you have a talent or a passion about something, maybe you can compose funny text, love quotes, motivational or inspirational quotes, instead of to just post it on your face timeline or home page, create a Facebook page for your talent or passion.

When you create a Facebook page for your talent, make it good to people’s taste, invite your friends to like it, do everything you can to get a good number of followers, if you can’t build it only you look for a friend who has the same talent and make him admin or editor.

When you successfully reach like 200k – 1m likes you can start promoting people’s businesses and you get paid for it. The 200k – 1m likes might seem big but you don’t have to be scared, Facebook has over 2billion users and you don’t have to know someone to like your page, once your contents are good your page will market itself.


If you are using an Android phone, all you need to do is to go to your Facebook app, open it. When you successfully login in to your Facebook account you will see at the top right hand side three small horizontal lines.

When you tap those lines you will see your account and some other options from Facebook, inside those options you will see pages ‘click the pages’, when you click the pages you will see options like, Create, Liked pages, Invites, and beneath you will see other people’s pages.

When you successfully reach that point click the Create option, when you click the Create option Facebook will show you Get Started option ‘click it’, when you click the Get Started option Facebook will ask you for your Page Name type in the name you want your page to bear and click next, then you will see a directive to choose the category that best describes your page.

If your page is a business page choose Shopping & Retail, but if your page is about Inspiration and other content choose Personal Blog, or choose another category(ies) that best describes your page.

If you choose Personal Blog ‘for example’ it will give you the option to choose another category if you want, but if you are okay with one category you click next.

When you click next Facebook will ask you whether you have a website for your page, if you have a website for the page you add it but if you don’t have you click next.

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When you click next you will see an option to Add images to the Page (cover photo and profile picture), after you’ve added your cover photo and profile picture you click next, when you click next you will see option to PUBLISH PAGE click it and your page is published. Congratulations! your page was successfully created.

Is as easy as that, but you have to give kudos to us for given you the information and the step by step through, if you comment and submit your email i will show you how to successfully connect your Facebook page with your website and make your website appear on Facebook which you stand the advantage of getting more audience to your site.

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  1. Wow!!! Really insightful. Why not convert this thought into a video to make some cool cash. Many of us doesn’t really know how it works. Thank you for sharing.

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