How to Embed YouTube Video

How to Embed YouTube Video

My experience when I find it difficult to embed a video into my site makes me feel so many people out there are passing through the same tough experience.

It is most common when you are writing a post that you must have to put video in, like when you are writing a post like ’10 best short You tube videos in 2020′, this article requires you to put those videos in your content so that your readers will enjoy reading you content, but often people find it difficult to do this.

So in this article I will be telling you how you can successfully embed video into your site and get more traffic to your site, keep reading and don’t miss a point.

I Was writing a post one day(20 Nigerian best songs of all time) . This article required me to embed the videos of those songs in my content, guess what I did! I downloaded pictures of each of those videos, posted each picture at the number it appeared on the list, then i copied the URL of the video and passed it under.

Of course this is actually the video, but the issues here are, first; the link of the video when clicked the video will not play in my site it will take the reader to You tube, and the benefit of it playing in my site is that the more the people that reads the post takes time to watch the video in my site the more Google value my site.

The second issue is that those pictures I put in my content instead of the real videos look annoyed, which means a reader might get frustrated by having to get referred to Youtube to watch those videos and that may make my audience to lose concentration on my post and site entirely.

So after I had done all the rubbish I could, a colleague of mine who had more experience in site development and management came to me and told me the effect of all the rubbish I did, he taught me how to do it and today I am showing you how to do it.

How do I Embed YouTube Video into my content?

When you want to embed a Youtube video into your content, it is just like the way you add pictures to your content.

Place your cursor at the exact location you want to put the video.

Don’t go to media like you used to do when you want to add a picture, open another tab for Youtube, if you are using a phone you first save your content to draft then open your Youtube app for the video.

After you have opened another tab for Youtube videos on your laptop or desktop, search for the exact video you are looking for, click the video as if you want to watch it.

Under the video you will see a share option, when you click the share option it will give you an option whether you want to embed or share to other media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Reddit and so on.

When you successfully reach that level click on the embed, a link (HTML code) will pop up like coding kind of and a copy option beneath at the right hand side, when you click the copy it will highlight the HTML code, don’t bother trying to right-click to copy the link, once you click the copy option and the HTML code got highlighted the link is already copied, that means your video is already copied to the clipboard.

After you have successfully done that, place your cursor at the very spot you want to place the video.

On the right hand side at the top of your board you will see Visual and Text, Note ‘you are already at Visual’,  then click the Text, you will see the exact text you are writing inside very tiny with some coding.

The cursor you placed outside at your post board will be at a particular spot inside there, past the video HTML code you copied at that very spot, click Visual and go back to your post board, ‘congratulations’! your video is successfully embedded.

Note; if you are using a phone you will see a copy-link option not embed.

The advantage of embedding a video on your site is that the more people take time to watch the video the longer they stay in your site, and the longer people stay in your site the more Google values it.

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When you just copy the URL of the video to your site it will be just the URL that will show, although the video will play but it will take your reader to Youtube to watch it,  unlike the embed that will show the video immediately at your board, and when your readers click the video they will watch in your very site.

So with this I hope you now know how to embed video to your post?

Please your feedback is very dear to us, let us know at the comments section how you feel about this article, Thanks.

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