How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You

How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You has been a major challenge many guys do face.

Getting a girl to fall in love with you takes time, sacrifices and lots of patience. If you treat a girl like a queen and prove to her a great guy that you are, she will fall madly in love with you beyond your expectation.

Before you make a girl fall in love with you there must be an attraction between the two of you already, but before you get to that, you must first get her attention.

It is very possible to make a girl fall in love with you at the first meet, but that is if you know your way through or how smart of a guy you are.

Sometimes, lack of guts makes some guys think some girls are not approachable, but the truth is that, even  the most beautiful and most intelligent ones among them can fall in love at first encounter.

Girls are the most simple beings to deal with or twist to different directions or to convince. A girl can fall in love with even an animal if she feels that the animal makes her feel special or gives her more sense of human than human being.

The same way a girl can feel when her heart is broken, that is how she can be in love with a guy who makes her feel special.

It is very easy for a girl to give up her first love for another guy if she perceives the new guy has some qualities that are lacking in her first guy. That is; you are more likely to lose your girl to a guy who is supposed to be a total stranger to her but paved his way to her heart.

This can be even just a day or a week, that is why you need to keep updating yourself with the tips I will mention in this article in order to keep your girl forever, or if you want to make a girl fall in love with you at first meet, these tips are your magic.


1. Take it slow. Before you start pursuing a girl, keep in mind that rushing her to fall for you is not a good idea. If you rush to get into a relationship with a girl, she might think you are desperate and lose interest in you.

Even if you really like a girl, take things slowly when you are first getting to know her. Try to be her friend and get to know her better before you try to make her your girlfriend.

Never tell a girl that you love her before you go on a date with her. You should even hold off on telling her that you like her until you have had a few dates.

2. Know how to talk to her. To get a girl to notice you, you will need to talk to her at some point. You don’t have to have a good excuse to talk to her, you just have to have some sort of excuse to break the ice. Once you’ve broken the ice, talking to her again should not be as difficult.

3. Give her your ears: For you to make a girl keep loving you, you must give her your ears whenever she speaks.

Just as anyone will get frustrated with someone who will not listen when they are talking, women also hate guys who don’t listen when they talk.

When you are not a listening type, it makes her feel she’s less considerate in your life, which will give her room not to be loyal or be in love with you as she should.

When a girl is pretending to be in love with you without actually being in love with you, you stand the risk of losing her at any time to another guy.

4. Give her compliments: Nothing makes a girl happy like when you say sweet words to her or compliment her. Be polite to her, always praise any of her effort towards your union.

Make sure that your compliments are direct and thoughtful. Compliment her looks, but also compliment her on things other than her appearance, such as her intelligence, her creativity, and her determination.

5. Let her know how much you enjoy spending time with her: This can come in all sorts of different shapes and forms. You can tell her face to face that you really enjoy hanging out with her.

Another route is to drop her a text or email to make sure she knows that she’s on your mind.

Or you can drop her a line on social media. You just want to make it clear that you like being with her. She needs to know that if you are going to be successful making her fall in love with you.

6. Be clean: Looks are not all girls care about, but looking and smelling good will help her to see you as someone she might want to date.

Take care to shower every day, wear clean clothes, style your hair and shave, and wear perfume.

Showing her that you have style and that you take pride in your appearance will be attractive to her.

7. Be funny: When you show a girl you can be light hearted and funny, you are one step closer to getting her walls down so you can jump in.

Laughter is the best medicine and when you show a girl you can be funny, or at least try, you will get into her heart and mind fast.

So let loose and get a little silly if you are serious about getting the girl for keeps.

8. Show her what makes you special: Your unique qualities may help you to get a girl to fall for you as well.

Think about what your best traits are and look for ways to put them on display. For example, if you are an athlete, invite her to one of your games.

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If you play guitar in a band, invite her to come to one of your concerts. If you are a good reader, strike up a conversation about books with her.

If you are very good a playing this, then you have some pass marks on how to make a girl fall in Love with you.

9. Be positive to her: If you don’t have anything nice to say about her friends and her family, make sure you keep it to yourself. One of the worst things you can do is dish the people she loves and is connected with.

Tell her how well you mean your relationship with her. Give her hope that you will not abandon no matter what.

10. Support and encourage her. Demonstrating how supportive and encouraging you can be may also convince her that you are worthy of her love.

Do little things to show her what a great guy you are before you even go on your first date.

For example, you can cheer her on at one of her games, high five her for acing an exam, or congratulate her for getting promoted at her job.

Look for little ways that you can offer your encouragement and she will be grateful. In this way, you know one of the tricks on How to make a girl fall in Love with you.

CONCLUSION: To make a girl fall in love with you or keep loving you, all are in your ability to play it positive and smart.

You can make a girl fall for you at first meet or keep a girl just to yourself, but it all lies in your ability to play it cool or how romantic you are.

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7 thoughts on “How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You

  1. Very nice and lovely, but some ladies are after your wealth and properties and once is gone, you will not see them again, so there’s no amount of caring, attention and more you give to them that will then Fall in love.

  2. Hahahaha, you didn’t tell us how to keep her long in a relationship. Making he fall is one, keeping her is another.

  3. Girls knows what they want in a man and man knows what they want in a material things or being romantic may not keep long relationship.

  4. To the writer, falling in love and staying in love which one is more important? Your article should have been on how to make a lady stay in love.

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