How to Share Clickable Link on Instagram

How to Share Clickable Link on Instagram Step by Step

My experience when i find it difficult to share clickable links on Instagram makes me feel that millions of people are passing through the same nasty experience everyday.

It becomes more frustrating when you want to share a link to your customer who requested for your product.

Most at time when we build our E-commerce website we also create social media pages or groups for it in all the social media platforms which Instagram is not left out.

Instagram is a very good platform to market your products compared to other social media platforms, it doesn’t have many children and people with fake profiles like Facebook, but its difficulties in sharing clickable links is what gives so many people a headache everyday.

It is not that it’s impossible, but almost everybody doesn’t know the secret, but why is it that difficult you may ask, but don’t worry, i will reveal both the reason and the solution to you in this article, so keep reading.

It happened to me one day when my customer requested for one of my products on Instagram, I copied the URL link of that product from my E-commerce website and shared it to her so that she can click it and go to my site to check out, but I was disappointed when I discovered that the link I sent to her can’t be clickable; so what did I do? I called a colleague of mine who told me the secret and I thought it will be nice if I share it with you, so keep reading and don’t skip a point.

Before we begin, I want you to know why you always find it difficult to share links on Instagram.

In case you don’t know, know that Instagram is not a website Like other social media platforms where you can copy and share link and it will be clickable.

Other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc are websites which apps were created for, and those apps are what you are using in your phone, which means Facebook is a website under the cover of an app.

Instagram is just a normal application without a website backup, that is why you always have a nasty experience in trying to share a link on Instagram.

Let me shock you the more; If you type ‘how to share clickable link’ on Google, almost 100% of the site you will click will tell you is not possible, so i think i deserve some accolade for this tip am giving you, so after reading this article don’t forget to leave me a comment at the comments section below.


After all I explained to you about why it is difficult to share a link on Instagram and some other explanations, I think it is time I let the cat out of the bag, so let’s go.

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If you want to give someone a link on Instagram, do not just share it to that person the same way you share pictures, videos or text, go to that person’s timeline, click on a message, send the link to the person as a private message, in that way the link will be clickable.

Wow! That was awesome right? Yes! is as simple as that. I hope this information is very helpful to you? If I am not greedy by keeping it to myself but I let you know about it, you too should be human enough to give me your appreciation or feedback at the comments section below.

Also; if you have any question concerning this, do not hesitate to drop it at the comments section below,  so that we get to help you out. Thanks!

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