Ibrahim Magu denies accusations

Ibrahim Magu denies accusations, refers to them as unfounded

Ibrahim Magu, the suspended acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, has denied all allegations leveled against him by the Attorney general of the Federation, Abubakar Malami.

This was contained in his detailed response to the presidential probe panel investigating allegations of gross misconduct against him, which circulated yesterday.

Magu described all the allegations against him as false and calculated to tarnish his image despite the “commendable” achievements of the EFCC under his leadership.

He particularly referred to the EFCC’s investigation in the P and ID scandal, as timely and exemplary, with the English court commenting that Nigeria has established seismic fraud against P&ID.

Ibrahim Magu accused the office of the Attorney General of the Federation of either interfering in several cases under investigation, recovery, and management of assets or being less cooperative and supportive.

Magu added that ‘the laid back approach of Abubakar Malami’s office, particularly in cases of extradition has not been particularly helpful.

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Ibrahim Magu says all steps taken in respect of recovered and forfeited assets were in accordance with powers conferred on him by the Act of the National Assembly which established the Commission.

He also challenged his accuser to show evidence of where and how he was bribed by any criminal suspect.

4 thoughts on “Ibrahim Magu denies accusations, refers to them as unfounded

  1. The manner at which these people deny allegations is worrisome. Without a tangible evidence. Just hope the whole thing will be properly investigated.

  2. I personally can’t trust any of these people holding public office. Denying without any evidence to back his claim.

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