Is Adam the first Human? the answer will shock you

Is Adam the first Human? the answer will shock you

According to the Christian Bible, in the book of Genesis, the first human on earth was Adam.

In Genesis it was recorded that before creation the earth was without form, meaning no one can describe the earth as it were before creation.

According to the Holy Bible, before the creation of Adam there was no human being on earth, and after God had created Adam he put him in the Garden of Eden, then it was just Adam.

Adam the first human

Some people said since there was no clock or time to keep record of events, Adam might be in the garden for only God knows how many years before Eve was created.

The Muslim Quran also narrated it that, after God had formed man with dust, the form was without breath for several years, then there came one day when man started breathing.

According to the Holy Quran, after man had received the breath of life God placed him above the Angels and asked all the angels to bow in reverence before man, all the angels did except Lucifer and that led to the downfall of Devil from Heaven to Earth.

Although these are what these two holy books said, there are some discoveries which make scientists believe that before Adam there were humans living in what is now called Earth.

There was a human jawbone discovered by scientists in Ethiopia which is 2.8 million years old. This specimen was said to be 400,000 years older than when researchers said human being emerged. Click To Tweet


A similar discovery in the same area was made in 1974 of an iconic 3.2 million years old hominin (human-like primate) called “Lucy”.


As much as many religious people believe in what their Holy books said this doesn’t seem right to scientists.It is not surprising that scientists came up with this argument that Adam was not the first human being; there are many things people believe which science proves otherwise.It will not shock me that people will not believe this discovery that humans were in existence as far back as 400,000 years before Adam which people believe to be the first human came into existence; science has also doubted the existence of God.Scientists also believe that God never created human beings since there was or there is nothing like God. Science believes that man came as a result of Evolution that took place in the family of apes.


The big question is, if it was an ape that evolved to be human, what about these apes in our zoos? There had never been a history that a man said an ape under his care turned to humans, how then we can believe what scientists said.

Many people have said that if science wants us to believe them, there certain these they will have to prove beyond reasonable doubt, like after life what next? If it was ape that turned to humans, what about these apes in our time? If there is or there was no God how come about apes and all other creatures? Where are these power behinds wonders and magic from? These are among several questions scientists need to prove themselves beyond reasonable doubt.

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Although scientists has proven several time there capability, like an idea of going into the moon, inventions of many technologies even though some of them have led to the death of millions of people, and so much more, but there are some things which they are not able to prove beyond reasonable doubt like those above mentioned questions.

Scientists also believe that the moon was once a piece of the earth, the theory is that when Earth was a relatively young planet, it was struck by a giant object and this collision broke a piece of the Earth away to create the moon.

moon was once a piece of the earth

These among other studies of scientists don’t go well with the people, likewise this belief that Adam was not the first human being.What are your thoughts? Drop your reactions or comments at the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “Is Adam the first Human? the answer will shock you

  1. weather scientist do research and get what they like ,is not for me because Adam is what God created first.

  2. Nonsense scientist, how can they say that there is no God. That ape was here before God. I believe in the word of God totally.

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