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5 profitable business ideas in 2020-2030

It is general sentiment that, it is pretty difficult to identify profitable business ideas. Many thought that no any new business opportunities anymore.

That is totally not true, there are, but, to identify the right one is the problem. If you find it difficult to identify any profitable business ideas, then don’t go anywhere, in this article you will discover hundreds high profitable business ideas you can start right now.

These profitable business ideas for running profitable small and medium scale business can be started with zero cost or low amount of money at your disposal.

So, below are hundreds of business ideas you can start without any hustle.

Offline high profitable business ideas 2020

1. Start a food delivery service

food delivery service

Food business is one of the most lucrative business you can venture into in cities like Lagos and any other major city in the world.

Studies have shown that food related business is one of the easiest and commonest businesses being done over the globe.

90% of Lagos populations are working class people, and with the traffic situation in Lagos residence barely have time for themselves.

Many works these days in cities like Lagos have make people not to have time themselves, they will be rushing to work as early as 5:00am to surmount traffic barrier, and coming back as late as 11:00pm due to the heavy traffic.

Such people find it difficult to cook their meal themselves, and they have to eat.

This is where you come in, as a smart entrepreneur you will help them eliminate this problem by starting food delivery service.

Create a website where they can place order easily without stress.

2. Fish farming

catfish farming profitable business ideas

Fish farming is one of the best profitable business ideas in Nigeria and some part of the world.

If you think agriculture is for older people, it is not. If you believe fish farming is only meant for rich, it’s not; or you think it’s for men only, it’s not.

It is a type of business that suits any agricultural entrepreneur, no matter of their gender. It is one of the lucrative business ideas in Nigeria now.

A single catfish can be sold for at least N 1,000 – N5,000, it also depend on the size of the fish. Assuming you have 7,000 fishes that can be sold for N 2,000 each, which means 7,000 times N N2,000 = N 14,000,000. Automatically you have made N 14,000,000 cash.

The good part of the fish farming is that, you have little marketing effort to make, it sells itself.

So, all you have to do to start fish farming is to acquire all the necessaries equipment and the fishes you can start with.

You can read this exclusive interview to get inspiration from this young fish farmer, Chioma Ifeajekwu (miss).

3. Start a maid/errand services


Image by pascalhelmer from Pixabay

With the uses of underage children as house helps becoming seriously frowned upon by the law, creative entrepreneurs has discover a way to create a solution to the problem and make profit from it too.

The aim of this type of organization is to employ adults who are at least 18 years old and above to help people with their house duties and errand.

4. Backyard poultry raising

poultry raising
Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

If you have enough land or empty space in your home, then this is for you. This business idea is meant for startup or people who are looking for side hustle business to earn money along their job.

The good part of backyard poultry raising is that, it doesn’t require enough capital. You can start with a little capital at your disposal.

5. Start meat and vegetable delivery services

meat and vegetable delivery services

Meat and vegetable are foods that every human being needs to live a balance diet health. So, you can door-to-door delivery service, which will earn you lots of money.

With this service, you can make it easier for people to access fresh fruit, meat and vegetables.

Many people now understand the merit of eating fruit, making their own natural fruit juice and smoothies instead of carbonated and sugar package drinks.

You can start selling fruit with a fruit basket delivery service that allows people access fresh fruit easily, and at cheap rate.

You can create website where they can place order easily, and if you need a professional web designer don’t hesitate to (contact us asap).

Wrap up:

So what are you waiting for?

You must not make yourself a devil’s workshop as an idle man.

Why sitting at home doing nothing when there are lots of opportunities out there to tap into?

Your little salary needs backup, so get up and get a backup.

Your little N5,000 can turn into millions if you can just use head. So I challenge you to get up and get things done for yourself

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