10 Qualities of a Good Leader

10 Qualities of a Good Leader

Qualities of a Good Leader

Everyone wants to be a leader; to some it is an avenue to render service, why to many it’s a stage of expression of power and authority.
Many people think leadership is an opportunity to suppress others, or a position to have everything all to yourself.
Over thousands of years, different nations of the world pass through different experiences in the hands of different leaders at a point in time.
Whenever a nation is in the hands of a good leader, the people of the nation will live a happy and blessed life, but when under the hands of a bad leader the people will experience hell. ‘just like the Bible said’.
Every good leader has some good features they exhibit which is attributed to them as a good leader; for any leader to have a good legacy that portrays his distinction, there are some certain qualities he must possess to be a good leader, keep reading so you don’t miss a point.

10 Qualities of a Good Leader:

1.Good Example

Qualities of a Good Leader

For you to be a good leader you must be able to lead with good example, you must be able to do that which you want others to do.

2.A Good Leader Serve


Leadership is all about a call to service; one of the reasons for default in many administrations of governance is due to the act of lordship of leaders over their subjects.

For you to be a good leader you must be able to serve, you must be able to put the interest of others above your personal ambitions.



The act of obeying or submissive behavior with respect to another person is a key to effective and quality leadership.




Being a good leader demands that you are trustworthy, it requires you to be good enough for your followers to trust. Trust is one thing that build a strong, effective and long lasting co-existence or relationship.


Qualities of a Good Leader

A good leader is someone who respect himself, respect his people and he also respect the law, he allows the rule of law to remain supreme.

A good leader submit himself to the law to take effect when ever he is guilty.

6.Understand what motivates others


A good leader is someone who understand the feelings of others; he knows what pushes others to work with commitment, a good leader understand what gives his people joy, he knows how to boost the morals of his people.





A good leader is someone who listens when his followers speaks; he is someone who listen to request, complain or protest of his people. A good leader listens when his followers cry for help, and he is always up to answering then when ever they call.



A good leader is someone who feels the pains of others,  he knows when people are in deep crisis, he is up to wiping away tears from the faces of those way down by either natural or human disasters. A good leader feel the pains of his followers with his legs in their shoes.



good leadership qualities

A good leader is someone who is committed and passionate about his service to his people, he takes service to his people as his utmost priority.

commitment is what makes a leader stand focus even in the face of difficulties.



Accountability is one quality that proves honesty of a good leader.  As a good leader, you owe your subjects responsibility to make known the outflow of all your doing, all the expenses made under your governance are to be clearly and honestly stated.

Good and honest accountability is one of the qualities that preaches your quality leadership.

In conclusion; to be a good leader, it requires lots of sacrifices, it demands you must be capable, you must acknowledge leadership is a call to service.

If you must be a good leader, you must be someone who can feel the pain of people whenever they are in crisis, you must be humble enough to allow the opinions of people to count.

You must be able to subject yourself to the rule of law if you must be a good leader, qualities of a good leader must be found in you.

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6 thoughts on “10 Qualities of a Good Leader

  1. A leader lives a sacrificial life, a call to service indeed. But in this part of the world, it’s expression of power as stated in this article. Even among husband and wife. Big question. How can we change this narrative?

  2. “VALUES OTHERS” this is not applicable to African continent. Where a leader sees others as failures.

  3. Accountability… here leaders in our country will not be count in in keeping good records especially when involve money.

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