Schools not reopening soon - ministry

Schools not reopening soon – ministry

Contrary to fake news spreading around, the Federal Ministry of Education in a statement said its decision to close schools, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, remains in force.

“The ministry has not directed the reopening of any school at any level. The supposed press release by the minister to that effect is a clear falsehood as it did not effuse from the minister,” the statement signed by the Director Press, Ben Bem Goong, said.

The statement advised the public to disregard all fake stories that appear to be news in the mass media.

4 thoughts on “Schools not reopening soon – ministry

  1. Good decision, even if it does, some parents can’t even allow their wards resume. Kudos to FG.

  2. Opening school now is not safe at all. The virus is still very much around. Children wouldn’t know how to curtail it.

  3. Staying at home is better than staying in the isolation center or grave, God forbid. Schools should remain closed until the virus is gone mbok.

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