The Nigerian Entertainment Industry An analysis of Its Effects on Nigerian Youths

The Nigerian Entertainment Industry: An analysis of Its Effects on Nigerian Youths

The entertainment industry is one that is dynamic, vast and continually evolving, not just in Nigeria but in the world as a whole.

It is characterized by immeasurable wealth, blinding glitz and glamour, and the level of influence it wields is massive. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is bestowed with its own power.

There is no doubt that the youths of today are more susceptible to the influence and power of entertainment.

The unlimited power technology possesses has made it possible for social media and all forms of media communication to spread their tentacles and penetrate in an exponential manner.

The world of entertainment is today fully and firmly entrenched in the world of social media, in such a way that both have practically become Inextricable.

Therefore youths all over the nation are more interconnected than ever due to these entities, and the influence of entertainment is stronger and flourishes more than ever before.

From my personal standpoint, this influence wielded by the world of entertainment is a double-edged sword.

Entertainment is advantageous in a bunch of ways. Life would be colourless and dull without it.

Entertainment brightens our world, and that is the sole reason it thrives as much as it does. In Nigeria, this thrumming Industry has provided more jobs and opportunities for our youths.

In a nation where unemployment and poverty is quite endemic, this is applaudable.

However, the biggest negative impact this industry has had is that it has suppressed focus and taken away true consciousness from the youths.

Youths are now overly concerned and overly obsessed with worldly and inconsequential flashy things. Most youths now want to model and mould their lives after the stars that constitute the Industry.

A classic example is the ‘marlians‘. The diehard fans and followers of the artiste Naira Marley. A lot of youths are unconcerned about the fact that they are future leaders of this great nation.

There is a dearth of Intellectualism in this generation because superficial pop culture and the desire for quick success and achievements now reign supreme. Laziness has become the order of the day as most youths are not interested in the growth process.

Conclusively, the entertainment industry in Nigeria needs to do better in sensitizing the youths and making them understand that no society can progress without the input of its youths.

Youths should prioritize hardwork, their place in societal affairs and the need to stand together for the sake of our dear nation.

Rather than consist of a generation of illiterate internet trolls, who feign enlightenment, they should understand that critical thinking gives insight, and learn to use this insight in the most positive ways in order to become the best version of themselves.

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So, I call on all Nigerian youths to shun the negative acts contain in the entertainment industry. In as much as it gives pleasure, satisfactory and happy sometime, we should be careful to avoid its negative influence ruin our life.

Yes, there’re great stars in the entertainment industry, in as much as we want to immediate the life style of some, we must not forget that your path in life don’t have to be detected by the way someone else live his/her life.

Parents also have a very important roll to play in making sure their children are nature in a way that some of these things never get to jeopardize the future of no one.

Let’s collectively join hands together in order to build a great nation we all hoped for. Yes we can; if we all decided to live the way God wants us to live without living the live of others, if we all believes in ourselves and understands that you can actually live if that person doesn’t exist, then, we all will make this world a paradise that we all thinks existed somewhere.

Your thought!

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