Mysteries of Life

These Mysteries of Life will shock You; could these be true?

These Mysteries of Life will shock You


Life is defined as the ability to exercise or maximize the full potential of what has been built into you by nature.

Life is often characterized by the characteristics of living things.
Sciences have come up with different characteristics of living things which also differentiate them from that of the non-living things.


1. NUTRITION: Nutrition is define as the intake and use of nutrients. This also occurs in different ways for different kinds of living things.

MY POINT: It is no doubt that the world is changing dramatically and all the systems in the world are changing also ranging from social, economic, religious and political perspectives.

It is very important to know the kind of food we feed ourselves with, either physical, spiritual and intellectual food.

Let me tell you something that I personally witnessed;
I was invited by one of my friends a couple of days ago to his friend’s birthday party.

His friend is someone that I know so well when we were in the village and 90 percent of the people that attended this birthday party are people I know when we were in the village.
The venue of the birthday party was a beer parlor.

When the birthday party started it was around 7:00pm and when the celebration started, bottles of alcoholic drinks were ordered and the tables were covered with all kinds of alcoholic drinks.

I was shocked by what I saw, many of them who were dedicated Christians now drink alcohol and the greatest shock I received that day was not that they now drink alcohol but some of them are now smokers.
What point am I trying to draw out of the story?

My point is this – when you begin to hang around with people who are myopic about what future holds for them you are not going to be anything better than them.

Be yourself and don’t try to copy someone else, even if the person is a successful man, your destiny is totally different from his.

You can learn from someone that is good but you don’t have to copy the person.

Take for instance, if you begin to wear the kind of clothes that Bill Gates wear and change your name to Bill Gates and begin to talk like him or begin to wear glasses like him that will never make you Bill Gates the billionaire.
But you can learn what he learnt and become a successful man even richer than him.

More also, try to feed yourself with the right information by hanging around with the right people.

If you want to become a millionaire in life hang around with millionaires, if you want to become a genuine Christian hang around with genuine Christians, if you want to become a smoker hang around with smokers and if you want to become a good business man hang around with good business men.

There is more to life than just going to school and getting excellent certificate, there is more to life than just working in a big company and be earning seven figures salary.

All your efforts may amount to nothing if you hang around with the wrong people, all your efforts may be useless if you get the wrong information.
There is more to life, be wise.

2. GROWTH: All living things grow.

MY POINT: It is important to bring this characteristic of living things to number two (2) because looking at number one (1) above it is natural for growth to be accompanied by feeding or nutrition as the case may be.

But in this case we are not talking about physical food as the point of emphasis but intellectual is the major subject here.

We human beings aspire for growth and greatness because it has been built into us by nature, so it is unnatural for a living thing not to grow.

So as a business man it is important to know the kind of information that you feed yourself with, because that will determine how you grow.

As a student it is the kind of information and ideas that you feed yourself with that determine how you grow, the rate of your growth and the quality of your growth.

So number one (1) is what determines number two (2) but number one (1) useless without the result that number two (2) will yield.

Be wise, there is more to life.

3. REPRODUCTION: Reproduction is simply define as the ability of living things to reproduce and pass genetic information onto their offspring.

MY POINT: It is built into living things to reproduce by nature.

It is also important to note that reproduction happen to different living things in different ways.

It is important to know that the way the way plants reproduce is different from the way animals reproduce.

Whatever business you are doing, it is one thing to manage your business and it also another thing to reproduce it.

Have you ever thought about how you might be living now if the owner of the company your are working did not leave where he / she was working before he/she started the company where you are working now? Click To Tweet

As a student it is important that you start to reproduce after school so that you can help the society in which you are living now.

This life is a deep mystery, be wise.

4. EXCRETION: Excretion is simply define as getting rid of waste.

MY POINT: Why do living organisms excrete? It is because the matter left to be excreted is no longer necessary for their bodies or environment.

As a human being, we get information every day but it is not every information that we get that is helpful.

When we get information that is good it is important to use it so that our world can be a better place.

There are so many things that needs to be excreted from our lives, be it bad relationships, bad friends, bad habits, jobs that may not allow our children to feel the warmth love of their parents, associations that are not helping or contributing anything good into our lives and anything like that.

Because it is true that as long as we allow certain people to be in lives we may never be free and thrive.

This life has more to offer than we know, be wise.

5. RESPIRATION: Respiration is simply define as the intake of oxygen from the outer environment into the cells to produce energy and carbon dioxide is released in the process to the outer environment.

MY POINT: Just like the number one (1) of this article respiration is similar to nutrition just that respiration involves gases.

But the truth is that as a human being it has been built into our system to take in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide so also is the principle of a healthy and successful life.

As a human being if you begin to inhale carbon-dioxide in place of oxygen you will die because that is not what your body requires.

So also if you begin to feed yourself with wrong information, bad ideas or begin to hang around with people who will not be helpful in your life the result will be a total mess and disaster.
Be wise because wisdom simplifies life.

6. MOVEMENT: It is true that living things move, either animals that move from one place to another in search of food, safety and conducive environment or plants that move toward the direction of the sun or light as the case may be.

MY POINT: This is one of the most important characteristics of living things.
Just as we all know, dead things or non-living things cannot move on their own.

Movement is necessary for our day to day activities, take for instance, before you get to your office or place of work you must move.

Why is movement important?
Sometimes we move toward what is good for us and something that will benefit us.
And it is also true that we move away from certain environments and certain things for our safety and our own good.

But the truth of the matter is; it is something to move and it is another thing to reach our targeted and destination.

Your movement from the village to the city is not just because others are coming that is why you are here but because you have a target.

You might be working in a company or doing a business for a very long time now but there are no changes in your life it is high time you move to another area of life.

Have you ever wondered why some birds will fly in large numbers and travel hundreds of miles?

It is because they realized that the environment they have inhabited is no more favorable to their systems or bodies.

Have you ever wondered why your baby or your younger ones who are not old enough to walk on their own may begin to cry when there is no light to power the cooling system in the room until you provide an alternative for them either by taking them from inside to an open space where they can receive fresh air or you bath them with water at room temperature?

Because that is the principle of life.

The same even happen to you as an adult.

There is more to life, think twice!

7. SENSITIVITY: Sensitivity is simply the ability of living things to detect changes in their surrounding or environment.

MY POINT: The reason why this number is been brought here as the last number is because it will be the backbone of my conclusion.

Sensitivity is very important.

How do you feel when someone said to you that you don’t have sense?

When a person is telling you that you don’t have sense, it means that though you are a living thing there is no much difference between you as a human being and animals that are not as intelligent as we are.

Sensitivity is what determine how we respond to our environment.


It is one thing to live and behave like a living thing and it is another thing to behave like a human being.

It is one thing to be a human being and it is another thing to be “being human”.

We can make the world a much better place to live only if we can change our mindsets.


a. Discover yourself.
b. Set goals for yourself.
c. Be passionate about your goals.
d. Be willing to learn.
e. Believe in yourself.
f. Don’t chase money first, but chase your dreams and money will follow you.
g. Don’t look down on anyone.
h. Be happy all by yourself.
i. Don’t try to please everyone around you.
j. Make others happy.
k. You might not be able to to help everybody in the world but try to help someone each day because by doing so you are helping everybody.
l. Don’t wait until tomorrow, start today.
m. Always teach your children to help, but you should also teach them how to be safe.
n. Be the person you want others to be.
o. Never stop trying.
p. Pray for grace always, because God is ever ready to help those who trust and call on Him.
q. Never give up.
r. Pray for others.
s. Pay attention to your husband, your wife and your children.
t. Be satisfy with the little that you have now.
u. Always be thankful.
v. Let others know that life is worth living.
w. Always have the spirit of a winner.
x. Always seek forgiveness.
y. Live an exemplary life.
z. Love everyone irrespective of their religion, race, language and political differences.


6 thoughts on “These Mysteries of Life will shock You; could these be true?

  1. Wow! What an insightful article, everyone with life have a potential. Hmmmm. How to unleash these potentials has always been the big question, May God help us all to maximize all the potentials he deposited in us , so that we can be lifted and lift others. Amen!

  2. This is good but, but the only things is that, this is different from MR NIGER-D, it’s will be more better if you complete it because some people may be confused please..

  3. Being confused is one of it . Confusion sets back in life but when determination enter, it perfect life

  4. Of course, moving from one place to another is very important, I learnt a lot going for holidays, from Lagos to Port Harcourt and the rest of it. One can gain exposure through the process. Right mindset the key.

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