three sisters and a rich man

Three  sisters and a rich man

Here’s a story of three sisters and a rich man. This story of three sisters and a rich man will teach you a lot of lessons. So keep on reading.

Three sisters and a rich man you can learn from

There was  a man that had three daughters and the three sisters were born on the same day from different mothers, and the three step sisters lost their mothers at a tender age.

The three steps sisters came together as thus born of the same mother; even though their father was old the  three sisters wanted to go to school but there was no money.

 It happened that they had a neighbor who was a rich man; this rich man has a servant in his own house.

The father of the three girls went to the  rich man for help, the rich man accept to help him with a condition, ‘I will marry from your family’ the rich said;

The man accepted the condition all because he wanted his three girls to go to school.

When the time came for them to go to school, their father still went back to the Rich man to remind him of their agreement, but the Rich man asked him to go back and bring the three girls, that until he sees the three sisters he has nothing to do with the man.

When the three sisters came to man’s house, They  slept in the Rich man’s house till the next day which they were supposed to go to school.

The next day, the rich man took them to school and got them admitted. The girls were happy, after all that has been their dream.

The heart of the man they say is like a deep ocean that never flows; just as when the poor father of the three girls thought his burden was lifted off him, he got the news that his first girl was pregnant for the rich man.

Three sisters and a rich man


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What a heartbreak! This led to the death of the poor man who could not bear the heartbreak, because he wasn’t expecting such betrayer from the man.

But what was he thinking when the man demands that his three girls come to stay with him? but just like they say ‘poverty can blind a man from reality’.

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Now the three girls were left with no parent; though the rich man promised to take care of the remaining two till they get their own husband, little did they know that they man had an intention of getting married to the three of them.

There came a day when the man forced the two other girls to his bed one after the other, he got the remaining two pregnant, and took the three sisters as his wives.

Oh what a wicked world, the girls cried. even though they were not happy with what they were passing through in the hands of the man, there was nothing they could have done since there was no one to run to.

That was who the beautiful futures the girls plot for themselves got bastardized by the selfish rich man.

What is the lesson learnt from this story?

We learn that we should be careful of what seems like greener pastures, or who pretend to be our helper. Remember; not every hand of friendship remains the same forever.

And don’t forget to drop your own lessons you may have learnt from this story at the comment section.

Before we go, here’s a question for you below

What would you have done if you were one of those three sisters?

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  1. No situation is permanent, if anyone chooses what comes to him/her, I believe no one will ever choose poverty. Whatever we have is only a privilege .

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