Top 20 Handworks to learn in Nigeria in 2020

Top 20 handworks to learn in Nigeria in 2020

Handworks are indeed a life saving investments someone can acquire for himself/herself.

With the rate of unemployment in Nigeria, it is no longer a warning but a mandate for everyone to have lucrative hand work.

Even as a business person or employed, work can be lost anytime, business can collapse, but a lucrative hand work remains forever.

Even government workers are not left out of been this unfortunate; we see in our society today where a civil servant who served government for 35 good years is denied his lifetime pension.

Although i do not share with some people that says that going to school in Nigeria is a waste of time, but with the current situation of our Nation i think learning hand work is more beneficial to so many people than going to higher institution.

With 5 – 8yrs spent by most of our graduates studying about rates and lizards, of what benefits are those years to them and to the society?

In a real sense of it, someone who graduated from university should be creative enough to establish himself/herself, but unless most of our graduates are offered jobs, their 5 – 8yrs in university are just a waste.

But someone who spent between the same 5 – 8yrs in learning hand work always stands out among his peers, whether there is employment or not, he/she always stands firm, he/she can pave a way for himself/herself where others feel lost. That is the power of handwork.

Many people can make up some flimsy excuses to why they can’t learn hand work; to some, being an apprentice does not fetch daily money and it should be considered as a punishment an idle man can give to himself, all because of the little money they are collecting as salary at the end of every month.

Many people also consider the one month to 3 years apprenticeship as a long period that cannot endured. What a stupid mindset of depriving yourself l lifetime freedom?

If only you know how beneficial learning a handle work can be you will do everything within your power to start learning now!

Most people would like to learn hand work, but they are confused on which one can be lucrative or which service can have a high demands at any time?

This confusion is common among almost everybody, but if you fall to the category of these king of people don’t worry! This article is meant just for you.

In this article, I will give you top 20 lucrative hand works that are and will be highly demanded at all times, so keep reading and don’t miss a point.

Some many people are carried away by the kind of salary they receives at the end of every month, everything seems perfect to some because they do double work and the combine salary is a huge income, but that work that’s paying that much money can do away with you anytime like a trash, then you will realize the independent your hand work can give you, you will realize the different between to serve and to be independent.

One other major reason why you should learn hand work is: the reason why so many people bear insults and some rubbish of their boss at their working place is because they don’t have a backup that they can fall back on in time of despairs.

If you have a hand work as a backup, no one can treat you less a human, if your boss’s rubbish becomes unbearable you can easily fall back on your hand work, that even will make you give a limit to which you can tolerate rubbish from any employer.


1. Web Development
With the level at which technology is widely spreading and the rate at which everything is going digital, it is no doubt that this has caused high demands  for web developers as many businesses, organizations, and religious bodies want a website to put their information online.

it takes just between one to three months to become a professional web developer with just 30k – 50k thousand naira, and you can create a single website for as much as from 50k – 200k.

This is no doubt one of the perfect and easiest ways to make a huge lot of money, and the best time to start learning it is now!  So what are you waiting for? get yourself and roll today with a professional(s) institution where you can learn to become a perfect and professional web developer I recommend for you

2. App Development
just like web development, app development is also very lucrative, it is now very impossible to use your Android phone without an application.

Many companies and organisations also needed an app that their customers or people can give easily access to their products or information.

It is also easier to access information through applications than websites, therefore, the demand for app developers is very high size.

Just like web development, you also need just a little money and a few weeks to become a professional app developer.

You can also make a lot of money from it like web development.

3. Online Marketing
with the rate at which every business is going digital, everyone wants to put his/her business online where people can easily get in touch.

It is no doubt that most businesses that make high profit exist online.

Even as businesses are forced to showcase themselves online, 90% of business owners don’t know how to market their business online, this is where an online marketer comes in.

With just a few online marketers and many businesses in need of their services, it is no doubt that online marketers have become hot cake.

It takes just a few weeks and little money to become a professional web designer and start making your lifetime savings.

I recommend, where you can learn to become a professional online marketer.

4. Graphic Design
The service of a graphic designer is needed by almost everybody and all business sectors; the banners, wedding cards, ID cards, calendars, almanacs, all of these things and more are hand works of a graphic designer.

Web developers or website builders, app developers, all of these sectors and more need the service of a graphic designer, can you now see why I said almost everybody and every sector needs a graphic designer?

With just a little money as low as 20k or 15k, in just a month or two you can become a professional graphic designer.

This indeed is one of the lucrative businesses that will remain almost forever, so it will not disappoint you if you learn graphic design.

5. POP Ceiling Installation Almost all houses in Nigeria are competing for best standard and one of the ways to prove a quality standard of a house is to install a pop ceiling, this has called for the high demands for the installers.

The apprenticeship period of pop installation takes between 1 to 3 years, after then, you become a professional installer and start selecting which house to work on, because there will be lots of demands from people.

You need not to be told that this business is very lucrative and will earn you a lot of money, so you don’t have any reason whatsoever to have double mind about this business, get yourself enrolled today and start learning the installation of pop ceilings.

6. Laptop Repair
Due to the technology advancement everyone wants to be computer literate, this has raised the demand for laptops or computers to a high level.

Almost everybody is now buying laptops, especially young adults, and as they buy these laptops, it is bound that these computers will definitely get spoiled, this is where your work as a laptop or computer repairer comes in.

With just a training of 2 to 3 months, and with a little amount of money you can become a laptop repairer and start making your money for as long as you exist.

7. Makeup Artist
With rising in number of slay Queens in our society, and because everyone especially women wants to look good, everyone now wants to make up, even men are not exceptional in this, men now have started making up also, so the demand for makeup artists is rising every single day.

All you need to do is to enroll yourself at a training centre, and after just a few weeks, you become a professional makeup artist and your makeup business will start booming for you.

Wow! This indeed is a booming business especially in the entertainment industry.

Not only in the entertainment industry; people who go to work everyday, radio presenters both male and female, people who goes to parties every weekend, be it birthday party, marriage party and the whole lot of them, everybody just want to make up before going out, so there is a business out there for makeup artist that you can’t afford to miss.

It is a business that you should take your time to learn, trust me it is.

8. Product Review
Due to the competitions for products online, every business online are looking for different hands to promote their products.

you can learn how to review a product, ‘that is’, to write an article about a particular product.

There are many platforms where such services are needed; you can also contact me for it.

You can get paid for much as $100 for reviewing a product, ‘that is’, if anyone gets to buy the company’s product through your review, you get as much as between $50 – $100, depending on the company and the product you review.

Imagine 10 people get to buy products through your review and you get paid $100 per each person, that is $100 * 100 = $10,000 which is around N3.8m.

If you know how to read and write, all you need to do is just some lesson and how to go about it, you can get this training from

9. Installations of Home Electronics
You need not to be told the importance of home electronics like CCTV camera, AC, bulbs, television, etc  in houses, all these things need a specialist to handle and this is where someone who specialize in this aspect comes in.

With the rate of a good standard of living which everybody is embracing, everybody wants electronics like those mentioned above that will make their home comfortable, so your work as installers of all these electronics is never a mistake that you learned.

There are many professionals out there which you can learn this handwork from and become a professional yourself.

You’ll be amazed by the kind of money this work will fetch you.

10. Hair Barber
hair barbing is one thing that people don’t joke about because everybody wants to look good; nobody can afford to keep a bushy hair to work, worship centre, business places and parties, so everybody wants to cut their hair.

Men especially, who cut their hair know how lucrative this business can be; especially on Saturday, if you go to a barbing salon you can spend even up to five hours waiting for your turn to get your hair barb, that is to tell you how people really want to cut their hair.

So, this business is in no terms a small business, so long as people keep cutting hair, you are always making your money.

People will continue cutting hair till ‘thy kingdom come’, so your money keeps coming as long as you live.

You can enroll for the training at any Barbing salon and become a professional hair Barber within just a few weeks.

11. Floor Tailing
Since everyone needs a roof over his/her head everyone must have a house, and with house constructions everywhere the business of floor tailing is not left out.

Almost all the cities houses have tailed flow, and everyone building a house now wants to tail it, this indeed has given rise to high demands for tilers.

One of the reasons why most Nigerians call out for other nation’s tilers is because we don’t have many professionals, if you can acquire this knowledge and become an expert in this field, trust me you forever have a reason to smile to the bank.

12.  Backing (Snacks, Cake, etc)
With high demands for snacks because many Nigerians don’t cook, and many people have to take it as fast food, it is self proven that it is profitable.

Ladies nowadays celebrate birthday like what i can’t imagine, a girl can celebrate birthdays twice in one year, this and other celebrations require cake to make it fantastic.

All these opportunities are out there waiting for a baker to tap.

If you acquire the knowledge and become a professional baker, your will be surprised by the rate of others that will come you way every single moment.

It doesn’t take much time or resources to become a professional baker, all you need is just little money at any rate depending on where you want to learn and just a few weeks, and you are good to go.

13. House Painting
Just like every other house finishing works, house painting is also a very lucrative business.

Since nobody wants his house to look old modern anymore, everyone wants to get his/her house painted.

With the high rate of house contributions everywhere, you will be less assured that your life time savings is stock to this business waiting for you to tap.

Unlike some house finishing works, house painting is  much more stress free, and pays a good amount of money.

14. Shoe making Business
Most people don’t know how much this business worth, we often look down on shoe making business, but you have to come off of such a mindset.

I have a friend who is into this business, and I know how much he makes weekly from it.

Shoe making business is a business that will ever remain lucrative at all time, because people will forever wear shoes.

It takes just a few weeks and just little money to learn how to make shoes, depending on where you want to learn it.

15. Farm Management
Must people thought farmers were the most unfortunate people, but with the recent border closure we can see how Farmers are making it big.

Take for instance; before the border closure we don’t know how much chicken we consume in the country, but the recent border closure exposed everything.

I watched a video of a man who said, before the border closure he was selling but very little but now that the borders are closed he is even employing graduates to work for him.

Learn how to manage poultry and fish ponds, these major farms among others are money making machines.

It takes about three months or less to learn poultry management, and there’s lots of money in this business, trust me.

16. Tailoring
Now re branded as fashion designing is also booming now, i think you know not to be told.

Everybody now cannot do without natives, even our celebrities are not left out, not to even mention our politicians, they just can’t go to national assembly without wearing native.

Get yourself enrolled at any tailoring shop, but also think of a professional where you can also be transformed into a professional.

It takes about one and half years or two to become a professional.

17. Plumbing
Even those still in the womb are trying to come out as quickly as possible to take part in This business, the demands for plumbers can’t just be talked about.

Everybody is now very hygienic, nobody wants to drink water from well, river or stream, no body wants to use the old toilet system, everybody is now a fan of water the system.

All these have led to high demands for plumbers, the little ones we have are not enough for the market out there.

So there’s opportunity out there waiting for you to tap.

18. Video Editing
Everybody now wants to go to YouTube because everyone wants to be a celebrity.

Every day you see hundreds of new YouTube pages, be it entertainment or educational.

The weddings and different occasions, projects and lots more, all these required video coverage and editing.

So there’s a huge market out there for you.

19. Aluminium and Glass Installation
Just like other house finishing works, aluminum and glass installation is also very lucrative.

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No one now can do without aluminum and glass because everyone is now lovers of modern houses, and a house cannot be modern without aluminum and glass.

So, yours is just to get up, go and enroll yourself with a professional because money is waiting for you out there in this business.

20. Mini-Importation
Mini-importation is a business that will fetch you a huge lot of money.

It is not year 2000 anymore that mini-importation business in Nigeria was a great impediment. If you want to venture into mini-importation business you have to go all the way to China, USA, etc to purchase your products and bring them to Nigeria here. Or follow agent routine to import your goods to the country.

But this is no longer the case, thanks to the internet and the advancement of the technology. We are in the internet era.

The Internet has made it so easy to venture into mini-importation business without any negative problems, if you are loaded with the right information to get you started.

Conclusion: The importunity to pave a way for your happily old age lies in your hand, If you don’t want to live just like some old people that experience hell before death, you must do everything to secure a great future for yourself.

If you find this article interesting or helpful, please give us your feedback at the comments section below. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Top 20 handworks to learn in Nigeria in 2020

  1. Most paying job, is hand work. A good opportunity can call in at anytime. It can turn a thousanaire to millionaire within a short period. It’s important to have one.

  2. Hand work is never a waste. Will like to learn one/ two in near future. Especially web designing and content writing.

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