Nigeria Best Songs Of All Time

Top 20 Nigeria Best Songs Of All Time

It is no doubt that over 3 decades now Nigerian has been making good music that has gotten both local and international recognition.

Over the years, Nigeria has produced the best musicians that have received numerous awards, both local and international.

Nigeria currently has the highest number of musicians in the whole world. These musicians are not just known based on their huge numbers but because of the kind of quality songs they make over the years.

African Queen by 2face Idibia Nigeria Best Songs Of All Time

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This list of Nigeria’s best songs is not based on the beat of the song, or the way people jump up whenever the music is played or because the singer receives an award for the song, but because of the message of the song, the impact it has in the life of people and the strong lyrics it contain.These best songs break both cultural and religious barriers, they have not just recognition of a certain tribe or race but their messages are for the whole mankind.All the songs in this list are between year 2000 and 2017

Top 20 Nigeria Best Songs Of All Time

20. RARA by Tekno

This song is no doubt one of the best songs that has ever come out of Africa, with the message it contains about Nigeria’s bad Leadership over the years.

How bad leaders loot our money takes it to other nations to build there while our own country is left under developed.

RARA was released in 2016.

19. Aye by Davido

It is not by accident that this one of Davido’s best songs made it to the list of Nigeria’s best songs. ‘Aye’ is a song by Davido of a lady who prefers his love over material things.This preaches that even in the world where material things are taken so dear, that love must be the first.

It is also a song to ladies who rather prefer money over true love.

Aye was released in 2014.

18. Hard Life by Blackface Naija

This song was released in 2005 by one of defunct members of the former plantashun boiz. Hard Life is about the hard life that Nigeria Leaders have subjected Nigerians to.This song has ever been right since 2005.

17. Possibility by PSquare ft 2face Idibia

This is one of the best songs released by Nigerian twin musicians Peter and Paul Okoye. PSquare confesses how deeply they are in love with their girls, though they believe the girl was more beautiful than their mother but that is impossible.

This song has been green since 2011.

16. Raindrops by 2face Idibia

Raindrops is a song that 2face sang about a period in his life that everyone was talking about his personal life more than his music. people were talking about his numerous children and baby mamas.

His message in Rain Drop is that he acknowledges what he did, though his children are blessings in disguise.

He also advises the young ones that they should be careful whenever they want to take the steps he took so that they don’t have tear drops.

Raindrops was released in 2008.

15. This Year by Jaywon

It is no doubt that at the beginning of each year this song must be played because of the prophecies in it.

Jaywon prophecies good things that will happen in the year, like money, children, graduation, promotion, freedom, cars, and good health.

Everybody loves this song because of its message or prophecies and that made the song one of Nigeria best songs.

The song was released in 2013.

14. Hold my Hand by 2face Idibia

It is not a surprise that this kind of song is coming from the Legend 2face idibia. all of 2face’s songs are ever green because of the messages they contain.

Hold my hand is a message that encourages us to help each other no matter what. It encourages us to try to put a smile on someone’s face even out of our little.

This song is inspired by the IDPs that are suffering outside their ancestral home land because of natural or human disasters.

The song was released in 2017.

13. Leaders of Tomorrow by Bracket

Leaders of Tomorrow is a song that encourages us to see children as leaders of tomorrow. it also encourage young ladies not to get involve in the act of abortion.

It also draws our attention to how children are suffering all over the world, that even if anyone doesn’t need them he/she must try to save their lives. Leaders of Tomorrow was released in 2009.

12. Fall in Love by Dbanj

Fall in Love is a song that is no doubt one of the best songs ever in Nigeria. is a song that Dbanj narrated how he met a lady, fell in love with her and utilized the opportunity and decided to get married to her.

Fall in Love has ever been green since it was released in 2008.

11. Ojuelegba by Wizkid

Ojuelegba is a story of the life of a young Wizkid, how he was used to be known as a common person but God changed his story. Is a song that inspires anyone who is hustling, that one day it will be better. This song was released in 2014.

10. Ole by 2face Idibia

Ole(thief) is song that tells a story of how a girl stole the heart of 2face and man him fell so deeply in love with her. the sad side of the story is that the girl doesn’t felt for 2face the way he felt for her.

This song was used by so many people especially secondary boys to toast girls in school. This 2004 song is still ever green from legend 2face (2baba).

9. Golibe by Flavour

Golibe presented by 2Nite enter10ment is one of Flavour’s best songs. The is about how Flavour was searching for his love and was fortunate to found her.

This song has ever been green since it was released in 2014.

8. Love Don’t Care by Simi

Love Don’t is a song that preaches that love should conquered every, be it tribe or class. It is a song that encourage us or parents to look beyond tribe or material things when especially their girl child introduce a man for marriage. The song was released in 2016.

7. My Unborn Child by Banky w ft Lynxx

Is a story of a father who was eager to see his unborn child. A wish was wishing his unborn child all the good things this world can unfold.

He was also praying that his love with her mother should always be strong. He also wished that the unborn girl child should meet good people all through her life. The song was released in 2015.

6. E be Like Say by 2face Idibia

It is no doubt that this song will ever be relevant as long as our nation leaders remain corrupt. It is a message of how our leaders have failed us all through, but during elections they will come with so many promises which they will not keep at the end.

It is a message describing our leaders love for money and power, that the power is nothing if your people live the worst lives. The song was released in 2006.

5. Bring it on by PSquare ft Dave Scott

Is a song encouraging young people that no matter how you try even if you fall keep rising, that even if people are against you, you should keep up your head and do what is right.

That no matter where some one is from as long as he/she is right, we should accept such person. This hit track was released in 2015 and since then it’s one of the Nigeria best songs.

4. Pray for Me by Darey

This song is a story of a young boy who decided to leave home for city against his parents wish, he knows live in the city is not easy but what he need from his parent is prayers.

This song was released in 2015  and since then it’s one of the Nigeria best songs of all time that motivate people to do more with their life.

3. No One Like You by P.Square

The song is about how on the wedding day of the young man he call her wife and ask her if she’s doing fine, that he love her so much but before they go before the alter he just want to profess his love the more.

This song has ever been green since it was released in 2011.

2. One Love by 2face Idibia

In this song 2face was worried about the level of hatred in the world, how he saw in news story of two friends who killed themselves and he was worried about what the world is turning to.

He said the only thing that can make us live in harmony is one love. this song released in 2006 has a very strong message.

1. African Queen by 2face Idibia

Although this song gave 2face a very big trouble in his life but it can never be erased from the mouths of not only Nigerians but the world at large.It is not by accident that this song made it up to number one on this list of Nigeria’s best songs of all time but it actually deserves it. This ever green song was released in 2004.The top 20 Nigeria best songs listed above, You will agree with me that they actually deserve to be among top 20 songs of all time in Nigeria.

African Queen2face Idibia
One Love2face Idibia
No One Like YouP.Square
Pray for MeDarey
Bring it onPSquare ft Dave Scott
E be Like Say2face Idibia
My Unborn ChildBanky w ft Lynxx
Love Don’t CareSimi
Ole2face Idibia
Fall in LoveDbanj
Leaders of TomorrowBracket
Hold my Hand2face Idibia
This YearJaywon
Raindrops2face Idibia
PossibilityP.Square ft 2face Idibia
Hard LifeBlackface Naija

Do you agree with this list of the Nigeria best songs?

And don’t forget to leave your Nigeria Nigeria best songs below


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