Volunteer shares bread to Nigerian police in Abuja

Volunteer shares bread to Nigerian police in Abuja

As the police are on the move to enforce the lockdown order by pres. Buhari, a good Nigeria woman Charity Michael-Mshelia took it upon herself to provide the men and officers on duties with loaves of bread.

Despite the complain by many that the police has taken advantage of the lockdown to collect bribe and violate people’s right, some Nigerians has decided to look beyond these negative reports.

A generous woman on the streets of Abuja yesterday was giving police officers loaves of bread at various check points. According to her we should extend love in this kind of difficult season.

“I just felt in this kind of difficult season we should extend our love to those that do not have it, and I felt also to extend it to the Nigerian police force, they are our security men out working day and night tirelessly so I just want to appreciate them to just tell them thank you that’s why we come with loaves of bread to just share to tell them thank you, she said.”

Reacting to this, Aremu Adeniran, the deputy force public relation officer appreciate her kind gesture and also advise Nigerians to obey the stay at home order.

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