Atiku Abubakar WAEC Cancellation Puts Nigeria At More Risk

WAEC Cancellation Puts Nigeria At More Risk-Atiku tell FG

Atiku Abubakar, Nigeria former vice president and the PDP 2019 presidential candidate has advised the federal government not to cancel 2020 WAEC examination.

Atiku shared this on his twitter handle page on Friday.

It was  recalled that earlier this week, the minister of education mallam Adamu announced the cancellation of 2020 WAEC examination due to the spread of Covid-19.

Adamu said; schools under the control of the federal government will not participate in the examination.

While the federal government sees this as a way to prevent the spread of Covid-19 among our student, Atiku Advised that the federal will be putting the lives they think they are saving at more risk.

Atiku said; “WAEC Cancellation Puts Nigeria At More Risk.

As a parent and investor in the education sector, I wish to register that the Nigerian government’s policy of unilaterally cancelling the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, held annually by the West African Examinations Council, is not in Nigeria’s best interest.

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At a time of the global COVID19 pandemic, it is understandable that an abundance of caution be put in place to save lives. However, caution, without consultation, and thoughtful action, may be counterproductive.

1.5 million Nigerian youths write the West African Senior School Certificate Examination annually. To abruptly cancel this examination is to set back our nation’s youth, and place them behind their contemporaries in other West African… Click To Tweet

This is perilous because Foreign Direct Investments and other economic indicators are tied to the educational indexes of nations.

Already, Nigeria lags behind other African nations in crucial indices, like school enrollment, pass rates, and out of school children. This action will further create chaos in the public education system and exacerbate an already bad situation.

Rather than cancellation, there are better ways to protect the health of Nigerians and prevent the pandemic from escalating.

We could mobilize all available public & private infrastructures, including primary schools, stadia, and cinemas, for the examinations. In the alternative, the Federal Government can prevail on WAEC to have staggered examinations with a different set of questions for each shift.

Doing so will allow WAEC Nigeria to implement social distancing and achieve the goal of carrying out the examinations. A win-win scenario.

I urge this administration to take into account that the lives they are trying to save will be further put at risk,

because if this policy is not reversed, tens of thousands, and possibly hundreds of thousands of Nigerians, will breach social distancing rules to cross over to neighboring West African nations to write their WASSCE, rather than miss a year”.

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6 thoughts on “WAEC Cancellation Puts Nigeria At More Risk-Atiku tell FG

  1. didn’t buy this idea, there is no way as total social distance can be observed during this period. From hostel to refectory to class and all sorts. Missing a school calendar year is not as risky as death.

  2. It is better to loose a school year than to contact the virus. Considering the age bracket of the school children. It’s even more expensive to put measures.

  3. With due respect sir, I totally disagree sir, nothing to compare with life. Keeping the social distance with not work because, children are involved here.

  4. It’s better to right the waec in other to meet up with school calendar there’s no covid 19 in Nigeria whether you like or not the only disease we have is bad leader, we have Corona leader not Corona virus

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