What is Capital Base?

What is Capital Base?


A capital Base is amount of money being set aside to start up a business or an investment which is completely different from your savings.

Now draw up a plan to setup a capital Base based on what you earned at the end of every day, week or month,it could take time but make sure you have a capital Base.

It could be a liquid Cash investment, property acquired investment or other related assets. Remember;  your capital Base is not a set aside fund for solving problems and so you should not touch it, except otherwise It being set aside to create for you a stream load of Cash flow running into your account.

let us look at this secret, do not be in a hurry to carry out that project you you have in mind, it might be a house you want to build or a car you want to buy or maybe you want to travel all over the world.

Many people today make this mistake, instead buying a car or a house that will be an investment to them, they will go in for luxury first by get for themselves a personal car or set up a building that nothing will come out of it.

Please do set up a capital Base first, if you didn’t have one yet, look for a genuine investment and start to invest that money on it.

There are many of goods and genuine investment out there, the only thing you need to do is that you should calm down yourself when you have the cash in your hands, seek for advice from any financial experts you Know and have an information, buy financial books to read in order to boost your morals on investment.

What is Capital Base

By the time you have invested that money in a genuinely and Wise way and start making return’s on your investment, then you can embark on that project of thy  with the income you have gotten your investment, and that capital Base will still continue to make more money rushing into your account for you to start your project with less stress or non at all.

Do you know the most mistake some people do? many people today didn’t have a capital Base and they are not ready to have one.

A capital Base is all about your dreams to be totally free financial. try to see it as a priority to have a capital Base no matter what it will require of you.

Maybe your dreams is to go into business or investment, what kind of business and investment do you want to go into if I may ask you? And how much money is required for the project.

Some of these questions must be put into consideration and Base on your financial strength.

Do not plan what your capacity can’t carry. Real business and investment is not how well you started but how well you ended; so you can start up with that little you have and turning it into a big investment and that is how you can measure your progress.

Creating wealth is of no limit to how much cash you might have at hand but your passion and determination to be free financially as well; so it doesn’t matter what you do, if only you are really determined to be free financially.

Many people today were privileged to be in a position of Cash in one way or the other; it might be given to them by their relative or been paid to them as a salary, instead of them to setup a capital Base by investing the money, they will rather start up a building structure that they are not sure of completing it, or buy a car that will become a liability to them.

Do you know what happens to that fund been used for that building project that they couldn’t complete it or the personal car they bought? that fund is been buried and rotten and nothing useful will come out of it.

Then they will start struggling to look for a job and continue to do work for others in other to earn a living without thinking of being their own boss and be financially free, instead of been someone who will always work for others to earn money in order to solve his/her Minor problems.

Even if you are a manager of an organization or a politician who is in power, think of been your own boss by engaging yourself in a business so as to create a vacancy for others coming at your back.

Don’t wait to be sacked before you will begin to think of what to do next, always set your priority ahead of yourself for any eventuality.

At lease you should have an investment that is generating income into your account, So that even when you are out of the job you won’t have much problems.

Creating wealth is always a thought of the mind , it must be inside of you, so think positively ahead and most importantly believe in yourself.

Real achievement and progress is not something that comes from outside of human, but from the deepest part of the mind.

Ignorant is a disease which has finished much people today that would have been their own boss by now and also financially free as well.

Most people prefer to remain in their comfort zone and continue to work for others to earn a living. Cash and information is power when it comes to creating wealth.

Be Wise enough and try to seek for advice from financial experts when you have the cash in your hands before you embarking on any project you are planning to carry out.

Let us be sincere with each other, there is no amount of money that will be given to you as a worker that you will satisfied you.

Therefore; think of being your own boss by finding a genuine way on how to make the money by yourself.

The hardest part of every situation in life is usually the starting point of that very particular event, by the time you start the event, the rest of the issue usually take care of itself.

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There is a popular saying that, “when we get to the bridge then we will know how to cross it”, that is fact.

The fear of so many parents today that they may not afford to train their children through the higher institution has left their children behind. Who says you can’t afford to train your children? just start is first-something will surely lead to another.

The hardest part of every thing in life is usually the starting point of that very particular thing.
SO start it first and i assure you with God all things are possible. Jeremiah 33 verse 2 and 3 KJV

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    1. Really ma you know this is the mistakes some made without even realize,is that they forgot that their job is not their life but their work

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