What Is Passion And How To Be Passionate

What Is Passion
Passion is the trait of being intensely emotional. Is an irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action. The zeal in you that pushes you forward to always want to get better is your passion.
A man who lived on Earth without passion died from birth. It is good to predict a good life for yourself, but a big dream without a passion is like a painted face with an empty skull.
Everyone is created and given a certain time to explore the Earth to the best that he/she can and thereby be able to leave a good legacy behind, but all your dreams must be Foster by passion if you want to bring them to live.
You might be given an opportunity to make it great or there are chances for you to be great, even if you’re given more than that money you wanted to start a business with, without passion everything will go down the dream.
Opportunities are meant to be utilized, great achievement is meant for everybody to tap, but the only people who reach the successful end are those with passion.
The only reason while termites are very outstanding among other ants is because of their passion and consistency.
As you know, whether it rained or it doesn’t, termites still builds their house, that is how passion works in anyone with the trait.
Everyone needs to be passionate, but to some-of what benefit it is, some don’t know how to be passionate enough, some don’t know how far passion can take them.
If you are that confused or you want to know more about passion then this article is just for you.
In this article, i will tell you the price to pay to be passionate and rewards for being passionate, so keep reading and don’t miss a point.
We live in a world today where many young people and adults are tired of a certain life they are living, some are tired of getting the same result over again and again, some will want to be well known all over the Earth, but most times everyone who falls to all of these categories lack one thing, and that is ‘PASSION’.
You want to grow more than your current status, but what steps have you taken? You want to be well known just like that man or woman, but much can you sacrifice?
It is not enough to wish to be like Obama or Ronaldo or 2face, or Dangote, all your ambitions without passion are trashes.


What Is Passion
It is not enough to want to be passionate, for you to get results as an outcomes of your passion, there are some sacrifices or prices you must pay to reach the glory.

Here are some price you need to pay for passion:

1. Courage.
 If you decide to join the league of passion, it will never come to you on a platter of gold. When you decide to reach a certain level in your life, there are many challenges you will face at every single attempt.
Passion demands that whenever you are faced with challenges you must stand firm and never give up no matter what.
When you have courage it will enable you to be always positive to yourself no matter the obstacles.
It takes courage to remain committed. It takes courage to hold on when every other person has given up. It takes courage to remain in a relationship that seems not working at the moment.
It takes courage to overlook the backsliding or mockery of people. If you wish to get results from being passionate, then courage is one of your major weapons.
2. Consistency
It is better not to run than to stop halfway. For you to get results from your passion, you need never to give up.
One of the major differences between success and failure is CONSISTENCY. It is consistency that makes you see failure as a challenge not a problem.
It is consistency that makes you rise even after a thousand falls. It is consistency that makes you never give up no matter the hunger.
It is consistency that makes you stand firm no matter the bad governance. You need consistency to be passionate enough.
3. You must be emotionally strong
Passion is a game of the the heart. For you to be passionate enough you must be strong at heart.
What ever that shakes other people’s emotions must make you strong. There are so many people whose death of there loved ones make them to loose focus, but if you want your passion to pay then even death or break up of relationship must not make you deviation from wanting to be a better person.
4. You must be positive to your self
The greatest enemy any human being have is himself, the negative thought that tells you how impossible it is.
When you filled your heart with negative thoughts, it will only ring the bell of impossibility to you always. When you make you heart your enemy it will allow other people’s opinions to cloud you judgment.
For you to remain in the line of passion that will win you the glory you so desired, you must set your heart on positive things, You must realize that failure is sometime the best way to figure out where exactly you are going.
You must never let the voice of defeat sing to you.
5.You must sacrifice lot of time
The success of your hand work is highly determine by how dedicated you are towards achieving it; Every great path require attention and time to strive through.
Some time passion demands you sacrifice some party and occasions and even you sleep ‘ which is most important’.
The more you give your time to what you so cherished the more it submit itself to you, but the more you pay less attention the more it slipped off your hands.
Passion require your time to yield results.


1. It will push you to go further, making you reach where you don’t imagine.
When you are very passionate, you will always want to take the next step, you will move against every distractions to reach your determined end.
Passion will make you realize how good you can be, it will bring out the hidden potentials in your.
Passion will make people wonder whether you are a magician. You can only achieve the more with passion.
2. It will help you get rid of fear.
The courage contained in passion is enough strength in the middle of adversary, it will push you to dear what every other person is afraid of.
When people are scared because of lost in a line of business, passion will take you there and you will conquer even if it means you must try a thousand times.
3. Passion will make you want to get better.
There is a saying that ‘ it is better not because there’s nothing to add but because there’s nothing to remove’.
Since there’s always something to add to get better, passion will give you the anxiety to want to get the best out of yourself.
Everybody is born a winner, and everybody can achieve success in life, but it is only up for people with passion to grab. Passion will make you think there’s no limit to what you can achieve.
4. It will make you meet opportunities always.
Opportunity come but once ‘what a lie’. It is only death that stop opportunities from coming your way every day of your life.
In as much as there are many opportunities out there, it only gets to people who so desire it, people with passion that always long for opportunities.
Passion will make you meet opportunities every day of your life because you deserve it as a result of your passion.
5. It will exposed you to different knowledge and experiences of life.
 In as much as you will face so many challenges and obstacles as a result of being passionate. The ways out of many life challenges are what many people find difficult to figure out, but because you are passionate you will get to know all the breakthroughs out of all the challenges.
You will get knowledge about many experiences in life that will even make you a mentor to any other person that chooses the same path with you.
6. It will lift you above your peers.
When passion break you through what your peers think is difficult you become like a magician to them, you become someone they will always look up to.
Passion will make you break so many records your peers will never break.
Passion will make you rise so high above those who always wait for miracle to happen, those who always think that the only way is the easy way.
7. Passion will make you to be positive to yourself.
When you have passion, one failed attempt will mean the next one will be better. When you believe in yourself everything will come with ease.
When you tell yourself you can achieve great if only you try, then your dreams will come to reality.
One of the things that can kill your dream is self doubt, when you think people who are successful are extraordinary beings then you are already a failure.
You are the best inspiration you can get, so believe in yourself.

So what did you learn? As much as you might be close to your success, you must take some steps to get the final result otherwise everything can still go down the dream.

Hold on to whatever you believe in, is just a matter of time and everything will turn out good for you.

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5 thoughts on “What Is Passion And How To Be Passionate

  1. The word passion is really deep, It can make one àct crazy. Because energy to do more is always available.

  2. I read this piece over again. And I totally agree to the writer’s point of view. Passion bring out the best you in you.

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