Who Is The Devil?

Who Is The Devil?

Pain and suffering makes man question his existence as a free creature, and just as it’s peculiar to human beings, nobody would want to take blame for disaster before one another.

Since there is no one to accept the blame for all the atrocities that happen to mankind, the Devil seems to be the only option.

So since the history of mankind the devil has been the creature behind the mask, but who is the devil?

It seems human beings have been mistaking this creature to be the devil, and this has made me study more about the devil and I have come to know him.

In this article I will be telling you who the devil really is, so keep and don’t miss a point by skipping any part of this article.

An average human being knows the devil as that unfaithful servant who was thrown down from heaven because of his disobedience, and promises to destabilize human existence.

Even though we have not seen the devil, we all have different pictures of the devil in our heart. It is common among human beings that we picture a devil as that creature with dark skin with two horns, with red teeths, long finger nails and have a tail.

We all also believe that all the sufferings and tribulations affecting mankind are as a result of the presence of Satan in the world.

We believe the reason why human beings kill another is because of the presence of Satan in him.

We seem to be pointing accusing fingers to the devil over every misfortune that befalls mankind.

But the big issue here is that we have never seen this devil; this devil that always cause a man to commit suicide, the devils that cause a man to course another man, the same devil that makes a man to betray another man.

Who is the devil?

It seems we know a lot about this devil already, but I think we don’t; what if we mistake this devil for another?

Where has this devil been living since he was thrown into this world? With all the power we think this devil has, yet I never see any of his empire.

So after taking time to analyze all that we think this Satan is, I have come to the conclusion that this being called the devil we still don’t know him.

So in this article I will be telling you who this devil really is, keep reading so you get to know him.

After I have taken my time to analyze everything about the being we call the devil, since from when he was in heaven to his performance in the Garden of Eden, I think there are several worst things that happen in this world that we should ask who this devil really is.

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Our world has faced so many crises and disasters since the existence of mankind.

The world has lost millions of people to war at difference time in history, we hear cases of suicide every day, we hear of people who die of hunger every day, people die of poisonous food. Let me tell you who this devil is.

Who Is The Devil?

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The devil is that man or woman who was given money to construct a road but embezzles the money and fails to construct the road, making people die of road accidents every day.

A man commits suicide because of lack of care and attention, the devil is that man or woman who should had being there for such person out of greed.

Your neighbor came to you begging for money because his or her child is critically ill in the hospital, you have the money but refuse to give the money to him or her and make the child to die, you are that devil.

You have food stuck in your house yet your neighbor dies of hunger and you pretend you don’t know the devil? You are the devil.

You kill some because you are jealous of his progress, and you are thinking of what possesses you? You possess yourself, you are the devil.

You maltreated a little child under your care till you kill or deform the child and you think it is the hand work of the devil? It is your hand work, you are that devil.

Because you perceive you will lose the election you do everything to disrupt the process which leads to loss of lives, are you thinking what I am thinking? You are the devil.

You destroy someone else’s farm and his or her children die because of hunger and you still blame the devil? You should blame yourself because you are the devil.

You executed a contract with a person, after it turn out to be successful you went behind him, stabbed him and rob him of his own share of the money, and you say you don’t know who the devil is? I have an answer to your confused mind,… Click To Tweet

Just because you don’t have any child, you have vow not to allow any of your neighbor’s child to live or succeed, or because your children are wayward you have vow to make sure every child in your community is useless, who do you think the man you call the devil is? You are that very being.

You are in a right position to give your brother a job, you refuse him employment out of wickedness and make him wayward, I don’t think you should call any other being a devil, you are that very devil.

So after giving you all of these points that make a being a devil, I hope I have been able to let you know who the creature you call the devil is. He doesn’t have horns with a tail as we presumed him, he lives among us and appears is every misfortune that befall men.

Your thoughts!

9 thoughts on “Who Is The Devil?

  1. I agree with you and at the same time disagree. Devil is the spirit that posses someone to do wrongs.

  2. The man who refused to construct a road that was awarded to him is not the devil. The bad spirit that possess him to think otherwise is the “Devil” he allowed it by nursing such a negative thought. We can’t control a bird not to fly, but we can control it not to pech.

  3. Not at all we human being are not the devil, the devil is a different being entirely a spirit that doesn’t have body but have the ability to enter into anyone body that is without the spirit of God.

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