You Are Not My Best Friend (Awesome Tips)

You Are Not My Best Friend (Awesome Tips)

Different people have different meanings to what friendship is all about, and just as it is peculiar to human beings, everyone needs someone they can call their best friend, someone who is trustworthy, Someone to Lean On  in times of despair.
Every friendship has  what binds them together; it is because of their common identity, the level of sacrifices they can make for each one another.
Different people have what makes them call someone best friend, but to me you must possess some certain qualities to be called a friend.
So if whoever you are calling best friend does not have these features i will mention below, you must stop calling him/her your friend, so keep reading to know the qualities of a good friend.
If you are a kind of person who success  seduces just like me, I make sure I associate with people that share the same lines of thoughts with me.
I might be your friend today, but the long lasting of our friendship depends on who you keep showcasing yourself to be.
On my own part  I will do everything possible with a targeted Vision that will lead our unity to what everyone will want to follow suit.
As my friend, if you do not possess good qualities as I expected, I will do everything Possible to change you, but if you prove to be someone who cannot be changed, then I will rather Focus my energy on what I can change and not what I don’t have power over.

If you must be my best friend, you must be someone who can open up his heart to tell me the truth even if it will hurt.

So, who do you call friends? What kind of qualities did he/she possess?
If you are just like every other person that chooses friends based on who comes around without knowing who they truly are, then you are one of your biggest problems.
If you consider everybody that smiles at you or comes around to celebrate your success as trustful or best friends, you are in trouble.
Never you think anyone that comes around when you are doing fine are friends. Not even some best of friends. Not every hand of friendship remains the same forever.
So, i advise you to be careful in choosing your friends or in dealing with those that come around when the light is shining.
Also; as you are expecting others to be good friends, you must also be more than a best friend to others. Just like the saying goes; ‘Do to others what you want others to do to you’.
So, with our collective efforts we can make this world a paradise we hope for.
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5 thoughts on “You Are Not My Best Friend (Awesome Tips)

  1. If I call you friend, and in any way find out that you lack integrity, that will definitely make me keep an arms length with you.

  2. A friend is the one who smile when you are smile and also cry when you are crying or help u in time of trouble.

  3. I told you is a good friend, I would’ve told you a bad friend. I value honesty in my relationship too.

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